Helllloooooooooo, Nurse!

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Hey guys! With Halloween right around the corner, I hope you've got a great costume lined up, but just in case you don't, Sn@tch has you covered!
Sn@tch's newest set of fishing items is another "grab-bag" style set which consists of 4 full costumes broken down into 20 different pieces. Each includes relevant appliers, and some include shoes, makeup, jewelry, ALL of the things!

The first outfit, "Explorer" is pieces # 1-4 and includes the tank top, shorts, belt, socks, and applier HUD and is perfect for someone who's looking to get a little dirty this halloween. I've finished my costume off with my favourite pair of combat boots from Razor, and a neat spider necklace from Cubic cherry kre-ations, which is one of their gatcha commons for the creepy vs cute gacha festival!

Outfit 2, Hello, Nurse! (My personal favourite!) is a classic but oh-so-sexy nurse costume, complete with jewelry, hat, stockings, dress, gloves, and appliers (pieces 6-10). Warning: wearing this outfit may cause people to suddenly need medical attention! I added a bit of a darker twist to this outfit by just adding one simple item, Songbird's "Messy eater" bloody mouth overlay. I'm pretty sure that not many of my patients survive my.... "treatment". I finished off with my favourite pair of thigh-highs which are simply irresistible.

Third, "Thursday", which is comprised of pieces 12-15, would be great if you're looking to be a bit... creepy, and kooky, mysterious and spooky, or all together ooky. If you know what I mean. I've added a pair of Songbird's November socks, (which are out right now for this round of My Slink Obsession!) to my outfit because while the Thursday outfit DOES come with socks, they don't seem to have physique appliers, and I've been obsessed with my physique!

and finally, last but most certainly not least, pieces 17-20 make up the Vampirella outfit. This blood red set includes the full body latex suit, matching cuffs and collar, wings, and all kinds of appliers to augment that enticing form. I absolutely love how well Ni.ju's Oopy goopy halo and horns go with this outfit! These were originally out for sale at Mystic realms, however, now that the event has ended, they are available in the main store!

What's that? "Skyler, there are pieces missing from your list/you mis-counted/you missed some!" Nope! Ivey, the owner of Sn@tch, has tossed a few treats into the mix this time, and they're lots of fun. I'll let you find them on your own, I can't give away everything, now can I? ;)

Style Card:

Skin: Lumae - Nima - Rosa - tone 03/Latte - $L0/FREE! - Hunt gift - Dirty turkey hunt
Hair1: Eater's coma - Gift 03 - chestnut - $L0/FREE! - Group gift - free to join!
Hair2: Ploom - Oh deer! - Ploomage / Devil headband (sold separately!)
Hair3: Magika - Dusty - colour pack 01
Hair4: Ploom - Pickle - Ploomage
Halo: Ni.ju - Oopy Goopy Halo . licorice
Horns: Ni.ju - Oopy Goopy Horns . licorice DARK
Necklace: Cubic cherry kre-ations - Kumo set - necklace - blue - Event item! for kawaii vs creepy gacha fair
Shoes 1: Razor - Regulator combat boots - full pack
Shoes 2: Pixel fashion - Vanina boots - black/white
Shoes 4: The sugar garden - Bubbles heels - Black
Socks: Songbird - November socks - Marshmallow - Event item! - for My slink Obsession
Bloody mouth: Songbird - Messy eater - Rather hungry - Event item! - for Horror Haute

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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