Sunday, June 10, 2018

Mad at midnight! (and midday!)

Hey guys! Last night started the monthly round of Midnight Madness for June! If you're not sure what that is, it's basically like those midnight mania boards, but the gift delivers right away to a select number of people. Full details are [HERE]. I managed to snag the prizes I wanted at both midnight, and midday, but if you didn't, there's always the last chance boards! Also, I feel like I'm being totally lazy taking pics at my house and on the sim where I live, but it's just so pretty!

Mad at midnight!_001

Mad at midnight!_002

Mad at midnight!_003

Mad at midnight!_004


Skin: Mudskin - Babydoll #6 (102)
Lippie: Alaskametro - Babygoth
Glitter: Alaskametro -Foil Freckles - Alaskametro group gift!
Hair:Truth - Fiji - Truth VIP group gift!
Head: LAQ - Bree
Body: Maitreya Lara
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Window to my heart
Dress: Mons - Rose On Ma Denim Dress - Blue - MIDNIGHT MADNESS ITEM!
Shoes: Reign - Berkin Sandals - Mayari - SATURDAY SALE GLITTER PACK
Bike: Kei Spot - Kei's Wearable Bike & Balloons (pink) - MIDNIGHT MADNESS ITEM!

Location: Private, again, I'm sorry!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Well, hello there FLF!

Hey guys! I'm finally back with a computer that (I hope) will not smoke/catch fire/critically fail in a month. I finally have my programs set back up (photoshop, blender, etc), just in time for $L50 Friday!! I tell you what, I haven't been so excited to blog in AGES, but since it's been months since I've had a working rig, I guess it makes sense, but I may have taken too many photos... But anyway...

My lingerie, stockings, and the lounger I'm perched on are all FLF items that are currently available today! The lounger from Brocante was an especially fantastic find, since even the ADULT version of it is on sale for $L50! That doesn't happen often, so I just had to snag it up. There's quite a few animations, and it's totally adorable to boot. The absolutely gorgeous lingerie from Mossu comes in sizes for Maitreya (shown), Belleza Freya and Isis, and Slink Hourglass, and the ruffles and lace combo just screams my name. Finally, my thigh highs are from Luxuria! The pack comes with 8 colours (black, white, red, purple, baby pink, and 3 different shades of nude!) and includes not only system layers, but also appliers for Omega, Slink, and Maitreya! That pretty much covers everyone, which is fantastic.

Well, hello there FLF!_001

Well, hello there FLF!_002

Well, hello there FLF!_003

Well, hello there FLF!_004


Skin: The Sugar Garden - Cici - Vampy
Hair: Truth - Scout - Fatpack/Redheads
Headpiece: Aisling - Spring Roses crown
Head: LAQ - Bree (bento!)
Eyes: Ikon - Hope eyes - Clarity
Makeup: Alsakametro - Sakura makeup palette
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Lingerie: Mossu - Amour Lingerie - Carmine - FLF ITEM! $L50 TODAY
Stockings: Luxuria - Jacqueline Lace Thigh Highs - FLF ITEM! $L50 TODAY
Lounger: Brocante - cozy lounger - floral - Adult - FLF ITEM! $L50 TODAY

Location: Private, sorry!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Please stand by.

Hey guys. I know I mentioned having problems with my laptop before...they've reared their ugly heads again...and this time it's really serious. I thought I had it fixed again but...turns out not. I have a temporary replacement-ish computer for now, but this whole thing has me so up and then down and out that it's like having emotional whiplash. I've got a post to post while I keep waiting for this mess to get sorted. So, if you've wondered where I've been...yeah...that would be where.

Thanks for your patience

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Belleza got Bento, Baby!

Hey guys! I'm SO excited about this post today! After months and months (years? it feels like eons!) of waiting, the female Belleza bodies finally got an absolutely incredible, HUGE update! You can find all of the info about it ---> HERE. For those of you who know me well, or know me inworld, my excitement will come as no surprise; the Belleza bodies are absolutely my favourite bodies on the grid, especially the Freya body! A very dear friend of mine bought me the pack of bodies when they were still sold in an all-in-one pack, and I just fell in love with Freya. They're all gorgeous, but nothing (in my mind) beats the lovely softness you can achieve with that body! But, enough about me! This brand new update introduces a whole slew of new features:
  •     Bento hands
  •     Targeted appliers
  •     Omega Evolved
  •     Mesh Nipple Button on Alpha Tab
  •     Updated skin appliers for improved neck blending
  •     Improved Materials Adjustment Options  for Skins, Nails and Layers
  •     Fixed Mesh Nipple Issue
  •     Fixed Kill Scripts Issue
  •     Fixed Nipple Tinting Issue
  •     Updated applier system
  •     Updated auto hide system
Holy crap, right?? I've been playing with these new features since I got the update, and I'm in love once again!
*Note: I have not retouched these photos in any way. The only alteration is the black strip and my avatar name at the bottom. Everything you see in the photos is as it will be inworld.*

Belleza got Bento, Baby_001

Belleza got Bento, Baby_002

Belleza got Bento, Baby_003

Skin: Belleza - Zoe - Pale - FLF makeup (previous FLF item)
Shape: Dollfactory -  Izzy Shape
Body: Belleza - Freya - Full version
Nails: Dark Passions - Slink/Omega HUD - Soft Kitty - GOI
Hair: Truth - Zoya - Fatpack/Gingers (previous VIP group gift)
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Angel Eyes - Hazel
Head: Catwa - Lona
Lingerie: Sn@tch - Moonfae Lingerie - Pastels (OMEGA appliers)

Thursday, March 22, 2018

And now for something....a little bit different

Hey guys! So, if you've been following me for more than a minute, you'll notice that my style when it comes to skins is fairly singular. I prefer pale, natural skins with no/minimal makeup. It's my style IRL, and it's what I tend to stick to in SL too. I got Stix' new skin Xuxa  in all of the tones, and the Chocolate tone especially caught my eye. It's not something I would normally wear, but the skintone was just so eye-catching that I knew I had to do a post featuring it.

a little bit different_001

a little bit different_002

a little bit different_003
You can grab this, and all of the other tones that Xuxa comes in, on sale for $L199 per tone (plus FREE body appliers, and a $L99 shape!) at the Skin Fair!

Style Card

Skin: Stix - Xuxa - Tone #5 - Chocolate
Hair: Truth - Athena - September VIP  group gift
Head: LAQ - Scarlet
Lippie: Alaskametro - Babygoth lip #3
Eye shadow: Alaskametro - Blossom Eye Shadow
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Sugoi Eyes - Honey
Pants: Sn@tch - Bomber latex pants
Tank: Sn@tch - Sophie Tank
Fishnet: Sn@tch - Fishnet & Pasties
Boots: Sn@tch - Danger Stompers
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer - Bridget's faith heart set 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Hip Accent Piercing - STORE IS CLOSED

Sim: Backdrop City

Pick up skin fair!

Hey guys! I'm here with a sneaky sneak peek at one of my favourite skins from this year's skin fair; this one is from Stix! I mentioned this skin a couple of posts ago [HERE] and I just wanted to follow up my promise of showing you guys all of the gorgeous tones the skin comes in! There's a wide selection of both natural and fantasy tones, something for every taste! As an added bonus, the body appliers are FREE during skin fair!! YES, FREE. Each skintone is also on sale for just $L199 and there are also shapes available too for just $L99 (I am showing off the one designed for LAQ Scarlet Bento head). What are you waiting for? Go pick up Stix!

Pick up Stix_001

Pick up Stix_002

Pick up Stix_003

Pick up Stix_004
(Don't worry, you'll see even more of this skin soon...)


Skins: Stix - Xuxa - all tones - event item! Currently on sale for $L199 per tone at the Skin Fair!
Shape: Stix - Xuxa for LAQ Scarlet head - Currently on sale for $L99 at the Skin Fair!
Hair: Taketomi - KylieJ - all packs
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Sugoi Eyes
Head: LAQ - Scarlet Bento Head
Body: Maitreya - Lara

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Hey guys! A little birdie whispered in my ear and told me that TheMeshProject was having one hell of a sale, and man were they right! Right now, both the female and male DELUXE bodies are just $L500 each (NORMALLY $L5K), ditto for each of their deluxe heads. Skins are 50% off and....wait for it.....their ENTIRE boutique of clothing is FREE. I already owned the male and female deluxe bodies, but I picked up a sexy new head for each, and my inventory is WEEPING from the amount of new clothing/shoes/jewelry I've picked up. Also, I've gotta be truthful with ya for a sec...I've coveted the TMP babydoll head since it was released...needless to say I'm over the moon!

What's the catch? TMP has not had updates in a while, their applier system is quite...different. There is no omega support for the bodies or the heads, and none of it is bento. Personally, the shape of their bodies is my absolute favourite, and the ass on the guy body is just incredible. Due to the old price, and the applier system, there's not a whole lot of support for these bodies, but if you're someone who doesn't change skins a whole lot, then this might be a good option for you! The deluxe bodies include several different hands and feet options, changeable from the HUD, and lots of built-in skins, but the HEADS  don't come with any.

TMP? OMG!_002

TMP? OMG!_001

TMP? OMG!_003

TMP? OMG!_004


Skin: Stix -Odine - Tone #1 - Cream
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Chichi - $L50 Friday edition
Body: Themeshproject - Deluxe female body - on sale for $L500!
Head:Themeshproject - Deluxe head - Babydoll - on sale for $L500!
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Angel eyes - Hazel
Outfit: Themeshproject - all boutique items are now FREE!

Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Odin - Clay
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Marcus - $L50 Friday edition
Body: Themeshproject - Deluxe male body - on sale for $L500!
Head: Themeshproject - Deluxe head - Classic - on sale for $L500!
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Angel eyes - Hazel
Outfit: Themeshproject - all boutique items are now FREE!