Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Belleza got Bento, Baby!

Hey guys! I'm SO excited about this post today! After months and months (years? it feels like eons!) of waiting, the female Belleza bodies finally got an absolutely incredible, HUGE update! You can find all of the info about it ---> HERE. For those of you who know me well, or know me inworld, my excitement will come as no surprise; the Belleza bodies are absolutely my favourite bodies on the grid, especially the Freya body! A very dear friend of mine bought me the pack of bodies when they were still sold in an all-in-one pack, and I just fell in love with Freya. They're all gorgeous, but nothing (in my mind) beats the lovely softness you can achieve with that body! But, enough about me! This brand new update introduces a whole slew of new features:
  •     Bento hands
  •     Targeted appliers
  •     Omega Evolved
  •     Mesh Nipple Button on Alpha Tab
  •     Updated skin appliers for improved neck blending
  •     Improved Materials Adjustment Options  for Skins, Nails and Layers
  •     Fixed Mesh Nipple Issue
  •     Fixed Kill Scripts Issue
  •     Fixed Nipple Tinting Issue
  •     Updated applier system
  •     Updated auto hide system
Holy crap, right?? I've been playing with these new features since I got the update, and I'm in love once again!
*Note: I have not retouched these photos in any way. The only alteration is the black strip and my avatar name at the bottom. Everything you see in the photos is as it will be inworld.*

Belleza got Bento, Baby_001

Belleza got Bento, Baby_002

Belleza got Bento, Baby_003


Skin: Belleza - Zoe - Pale - FLF makeup (previous FLF item)
Shape: Dollfactory -  Izzy Shape
Body: Belleza - Freya - Full version
Nails: Dark Passions - Slink/Omega HUD - Soft Kitty - GOI
Hair: Truth - Zoya - Fatpack/Gingers (previous VIP group gift)
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Angel Eyes - Hazel
Head: Catwa - Lona
Lingerie: Sn@tch - Moonfae Lingerie - Pastels (OMEGA appliers)

Thursday, March 22, 2018

And now for something....a little bit different

Hey guys! So, if you've been following me for more than a minute, you'll notice that my style when it comes to skins is fairly singular. I prefer pale, natural skins with no/minimal makeup. It's my style IRL, and it's what I tend to stick to in SL too. I got Stix' new skin Xuxa  in all of the tones, and the Chocolate tone especially caught my eye. It's not something I would normally wear, but the skintone was just so eye-catching that I knew I had to do a post featuring it.

a little bit different_001

a little bit different_002

a little bit different_003
You can grab this, and all of the other tones that Xuxa comes in, on sale for $L199 per tone (plus FREE body appliers, and a $L99 shape!) at the Skin Fair!

Style Card

Skin: Stix - Xuxa - Tone #5 - Chocolate
Hair: Truth - Athena - September VIP  group gift
Head: LAQ - Scarlet
Lippie: Alaskametro - Babygoth lip #3
Eye shadow: Alaskametro - Blossom Eye Shadow
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Sugoi Eyes - Honey
Pants: Sn@tch - Bomber latex pants
Tank: Sn@tch - Sophie Tank
Fishnet: Sn@tch - Fishnet & Pasties
Boots: Sn@tch - Danger Stompers
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer - Bridget's faith heart set 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Hip Accent Piercing - STORE IS CLOSED

Sim: Backdrop City

Pick up Stix...at skin fair!

Hey guys! I'm here with a sneaky sneak peek at one of my favourite skins from this year's skin fair; this one is from Stix! I mentioned this skin a couple of posts ago [HERE] and I just wanted to follow up my promise of showing you guys all of the gorgeous tones the skin comes in! There's a wide selection of both natural and fantasy tones, something for every taste! As an added bonus, the body appliers are FREE during skin fair!! YES, FREE. Each skintone is also on sale for just $L199 and there are also shapes available too for just $L99 (I am showing off the one designed for LAQ Scarlet Bento head). What are you waiting for? Go pick up Stix!

Pick up Stix_001

Pick up Stix_002

Pick up Stix_003

Pick up Stix_004
(Don't worry, you'll see even more of this skin soon...)


Skins: Stix - Xuxa - all tones - event item! Currently on sale for $L199 per tone at the Skin Fair!
Shape: Stix - Xuxa for LAQ Scarlet head - Currently on sale for $L99 at the Skin Fair!
Hair: Taketomi - KylieJ - all packs
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Sugoi Eyes
Head: LAQ - Scarlet Bento Head
Body: Maitreya - Lara

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Hey guys! A little birdie whispered in my ear and told me that TheMeshProject was having one hell of a sale, and man were they right! Right now, both the female and male DELUXE bodies are just $L500 each (NORMALLY $L5K), ditto for each of their deluxe heads. Skins are 50% off and....wait for it.....their ENTIRE boutique of clothing is FREE. I already owned the male and female deluxe bodies, but I picked up a sexy new head for each, and my inventory is WEEPING from the amount of new clothing/shoes/jewelry I've picked up. Also, I've gotta be truthful with ya for a sec...I've coveted the TMP babydoll head since it was released...needless to say I'm over the moon!

What's the catch? TMP has not had updates in a while, their applier system is quite...different. There is no omega support for the bodies or the heads, and none of it is bento. Personally, the shape of their bodies is my absolute favourite, and the ass on the guy body is just incredible. Due to the old price, and the applier system, there's not a whole lot of support for these bodies, but if you're someone who doesn't change skins a whole lot, then this might be a good option for you! The deluxe bodies include several different hands and feet options, changeable from the HUD, and lots of built-in skins, but the HEADS  don't come with any.

TMP? OMG!_002

TMP? OMG!_001

TMP? OMG!_003

TMP? OMG!_004


Skin: Stix -Odine - Tone #1 - Cream
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Chichi - $L50 Friday edition
Body: Themeshproject - Deluxe female body - on sale for $L500!
Head:Themeshproject - Deluxe head - Babydoll - on sale for $L500!
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Angel eyes - Hazel
Outfit: Themeshproject - all boutique items are now FREE!

Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Odin - Clay
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Marcus - $L50 Friday edition
Body: Themeshproject - Deluxe male body - on sale for $L500!
Head: Themeshproject - Deluxe head - Classic - on sale for $L500!
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Angel eyes - Hazel
Outfit: Themeshproject - all boutique items are now FREE!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Are you feeling lucky?

Hey guys! So, with Paddy's day right around the corner. I wanted to show off this super cute green and white outfit that I grabbed for FREE from Pretty Little Thing! I saw a post featuring this outfit over on the FabFree blog [HERE] while I was scrolling through looking for furniture, and had to grab it and show it off too! This outfit features a nice mix of style and comfort, and features sizes for: Slink Physique, Hourglass, and Maitreya, I'm showing off the Hourglass size below. I've topped it off with a fun hair from Taketomi, which has quickly become my new favourite hair store, a necklace from Cynful, and some shoes from Reign! You'll be seeing quite a bit more of the skin I'm wearing pretty soon; it's a new release at Skin Fair from Stix! I'm wearing it here in tone #2, cream, but I'll be showing off all of the other tones soon too in an upcoming blog post!

Are you feeling lucky?_002

Are you feeling lucky?_001


Skin: Stix - Xuxa - Tone #2 - Cream - Event Item! - Currently available at Skin Fair 2018!
Brows: Alaskametro - Chi Eyebrows
Shape: Stix - Xuxa Shape for LAQ heads
Hair: Taketomi - Cassie II - Fatpack
Head: LAQ - Scarlet Bento Head
Ears: Mandala - Steking ears
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Angel Eyes - Hazel
Body: Slink Hourglass / Dynamic Hands / Flat Feet
Outfit: Pretty Little Thing - Lucky Tee&Pants GIFT
Necklace: Cynful - Coax Necklace - Groupgift March 2017 - FREE - GROUP IS $L0 TO JOIN!

Sim: Diamondback Lake - Please note that, while this sim is beautiful, it is an RP sim, and the homes are residential. Do not enter homes without permission!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

sweet lazy sunday

Hey guys, I have a cute look for you today that I actually put together with pieces from yesterday's Saturday sale. These are still available in the stores, but some are no longer discounted. I'm currently in an uphill battle with my lemon of a new laptop, so it's been really difficult to do posts to completion (seriously, I have 3 posts sitting in my drafts because of this. It's ridiculous). I've topped off my look with some absolutely amazing new makeup from Alaskametro. Seriously though, this collection is basically Skyler: the makeup! It's currently available at this month's Cosmetics Fair, and...it's a GACHA ($L35 per pull!!)! All of the details, links, etc, are below, as always!

sweet lazy sunday_002
A little more info about this makeup set: The gacha at this month's Cosmetics Fair is $L35 per pull, and there is a completely wearable and usable tester. Each pull gets you an omega applier, most with multiple fits in one HUD to work with all of your mesh heads. The rares of the gacha are the metallic eyebrows I'm wearing (comes with 3 colours), the lip set that I'm wearing (also 3 colours!) and a set of light holo polishes (5 colours). In addition to the 3 rares, there are also 6 commons: 3 eye shadow sets (3 colours each), 2 lippies (3 colours each) and a dark holo nail polish set (5 colours + a mixed set for maitreya. both mani/pedi are included). 
My collar from Pixel Geek goes really well I think too! It comes with a fairly extensive HUD to change the base, the raised edges, bows, metal bits, and more! It comes with both a regular and an RLV scripted version, in case you're into that!

sweet lazy sunday_001
A naughty but fun tidbit about my top: It's "interactive!" If you (or someone else) touches the top, they get a menu of interesting "options!" (you can also disable this in the menu.) You/They can choose various levels of exposure, or even to completely remove the top! I'd love to see more from Vanilla Bae in the Saturday sale in the future, it's a fun little thing to play with.

sweet lazy sunday_003
Reign has once again created a pair of shoes I cannot live without! As soon as the Saturday Sale list was published, I rushed right over to buy these! (P.S. THESE ARE STILL AVAILABLE AT THE SATURDAY SALE PRICE TODAY). While you cannot remove the warmers (that I know of, correct me if I'm wrong, please!) You can change them, as well as the rest of the sneaker, to a buttload of colours! These have 4 individually changeable parts, each with its own set of options! These are such fun shoes, and they're perfect for the impending spring.


Skin: Mudskin - BABYDOLL # 6
Brows: alaskametro<3 "Alchemy" eyebrows RARE - Omega HUD - Event item! Available at The Cosmetics Fair!
Hair: Taketomi -
Head: LAQ - Scarlet Bento head
Body: Maitreya Lara
Lippie: alaskametro<3 - Alchemy
Shadow: alaskametro<3 "Alchemy" eyeshadow 01 - Omega HUD
Nails: alaskametro<3 - Alchemy
Shirt: Vanilla Bae - Zoe Top FAT PACK
Skirt: EVANI - Gia skirt [Grey]
Collar: Pixel Geek - Bow collar

Location: Private


Chair: brocante - modern chair / black PG
Other Decor items: Fapple- Endless Love FEMDOM FATPACK

Thursday, December 21, 2017

getting aHEAD with LAQ, Stix, and Alaskametro!

Hello. My name is Skyler, and I have a bento mesh head addiction. I've got Catwa, Akeruka, Logo, Lelutka, and more, but there's always room for one more, right?
 RIGHT NOW, until December 24th, 2017, Laq's NEWEST head, Neve, is just $L500. Let me repeat that...$L500, for a BENTO head that uses mocap animations, and comes with a full-featured HUD. no extra animation HUDs to buy here, AND it's omega-compatible out of the box! In the pics below I am wearing the default face shape that comes with the head, but since it's bento, you can adjust it to your liking!

getting aHEAD_001
I am wearing it with the Stix skin Qamra, which is out right now for just $L99 per skin tone at The Makeover Room! I am wearing the skintone Cream, but it also comes in Snow, Butter, Puddin, and Chocolate. Each tone looks as delicious as it sounds, by the way! Each tone includes: system skins, Omega (for Heads & Bodies), TMP Body, Soul Ears, Logo Ears, Slink for Hands & Feet. There are options for monolid and lidded, 3 different brows (and browless), 3 different nipple options (and one without), 3 options for your "lady garden", and even a matching nail applier. I love how sweet and realistic this skin is, and the red nose is just precious! Don't miss this at the Makeover Room! [NOTE: the shine on the lips is from my head, which supports omega materials, not painted on the skin!]

getting aHEAD_002
Since the Stix skin is beautifully bare, and the Laq head is omega-compatible, you can use omega makeups! Alaskametro has some absolutely beautiful ones out right now at On9! I'm wearing the Fey lipgloss, and soiree eyeshadows. Each comes in 6 colours, and not only features omega appliers, but also system layers, and head-specific appliers for catwa and lelutka with an option for materials or no-materials! Both makeups are currently on sale for just $L75 each at On9. The shadows feature an array of shimmery metallic nude tones that will compliment any skintone, makeup, and outfit. They are perfect for a party or evening look! The Fey lipglosses feature sheer colour, but are packed with subtle glitter flakies to put your look over the top.

getting aHEAD_004 
Finishing off my look is the lovely Kristal bodysuit, which is also from Alaskametro! It's currently available at Applique and is just $L100 for each of the 6 colours. The pack features system layers, and appliers for omega and the maitreya body; both with shimmery materials! I love this bodysuit because it's so easy to pair with jeans, skirts, or even just some stockings, or heels!

Style Card

Skin: Stix - Qamra - Cream - Currently available at The Makeover Room
Head: Laq - Neve - Currently on SALE for $L500, until the 24th!
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Awake - Ice Blue
Hair: Truth - Ginevra  - November Group Gift - $L350 to join!
Eyeshadow: Alaskametro - Soiree shadows - Currently available at On9
Lippie: Alaskametro - Fey Lipglosses - Currently available at On9
Nails: Nylon Outfitters - Art nails - Rose gold accents
Bodysuit: Alaskametro - Kristal bodysuit - colour #6 - Currently available at Applique
Rings: Kibitz - Rae rings - silver
Heels: Reign - Pampered block heels
Choker: Amala - The Kimberly choker - birthstone edition
Necklace: Amala - The Hannah Heart Locket