Alaskametro rocks my rack!

Hey guys, after realizing my last two posts glitched out and never actually posted, I've been kinda not really inclined to blog lately, BUT, I just wanted to drop a quick post (assuming it doesn't glitch) and let you know about some really sexy stuff at the Rock Your Rack event! Proceeds benefits the National Breast Cancer Foundation, which is a cause close to my heart.

Alaskametro rocks my rack!_001
Alaskametro's exclusive item, which has a 100% donation is a gorgeous lace bralette which comes in 6 different colours and includes appliers for damn near everything! I'm wearing the peach above, although the windlight on the sim has changed the colour a bit.

Alaskametro rocks my rack!_002
also, my warm fall-toned nails are out right now from Dark Passions at the Pumpkin Town event! The Next November nails are actually a FREE gift right now at the event!

Style Card:

Skin: Lumae -  Eirtae - T1 - Milk // Bare
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Abby Mesh Hair - Fudge
Head: Catwa - Aisha [Fatpack]
Eyes: Ikon - Sovereign Eyes - Evening
Body: Belleza - Freya [Full]
Nails: Dark Passions - Next November (Omega) - FREE! - Event item! - For The Pumpkin Town
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Karina Karina Daydreamer Necklace
Top: Alaskametro -Karena - bralet - Peach Event item! - For Rock Your Rack! [EXCLUSIVE]
Jeans: Blueberry -Luxe Box September - Jeans - For Luxe Box [No Longer Available]

Looking De-Luxe!

Hey guys! This month's Luxe Box has just been released and it's gorgeous as always! I'm wearing a few gorgeous pieces from this month's box, as well as Lumae's skin from this round of Genre, and some beautiful nails from Dark Passions for LoveFest! This simple but lovely look basically came together as if by magic, I swear... Everything fell into place the moment I put it on, and now I don't want to change!

Looking De-Luxe!_001

Looking De-Luxe!_003
I'm rounding out my gorgeous mostly monochromatic look with the Reign Ribbon heels from the Luxe Box! These include sizes for Slink (regular and hourglass), Maitreya, and Belleza (all of them!!!), and the pack comes with HUDs that match both Reign colours AND blueberry colours! I seriously don't want to take these off!

Looking De-Luxe!_004
The Showgirls skin from Lumae (for Genre - Burlesque) definitely feels like a throwback to the cheesecake/pinup days, and I absolutely adore it. It comes in tones 4, 5, 6 and 7, and while I DO wish it came a bit lighter (I usually only wear tones 1-3) I think it's fabulous! Lumiya has been incredibly generous and has done each tone as a full pack and included everything that normal packs do, but at just $L100 per tone for the duration of the event, these are an AMAZING steal!
Looking De-Luxe!_002 
 The Key to the Nile nails from Dark Passions for LoveFest add just the perfect touch of gold for this outfit. At LoveFest you can find the full pack of styles in appliers for Slink, Maitreya, and Omega for $L100 each, OR pick up the pack of all of them for just $L275!

 Style Card:

Skin: Lumae - Eirtae - Showgirls - Tone 4 - Fawn
Hair: .Lamb - Only You - Fatpack - Luxe Box August 2016 item!
Body: Maitreya - Lara mesh body
Head: Catwa - Aisha Head - Fatpack
Eyes: Ikon
Nails: Dark Passions -
Dress: Tres Blah - Slip Dress - Luxe Box August 2016 item!
Shoes: Reign - Ribbon Heels - Luxe Box August 2016 item!


Spend your saturday with this sale!

Okay, so that wasn't my best title, but I hope these fab saturday sale items will help you to forgive that!
I've definitely deviated pretty far from my "normal" look with these, but I really love the way this whole thing came out! Please bear in mind that some of these items are on sale for one day only, and some are LIMITED and only available today, so if you like what you see, GO GET IT RIGHT NOW.

Spend your saturday with this sale!_005
1 Hundred's outfit for the saturday sale is equal parts sexy and sweet, and is perfect for a day at the beach, hanging out, or just about anything! The pack includes pink and violet, and includes enough appliers to cover everybody!

Spend your saturday with this sale!_003
Enertia's Bali top was a MUST-HAVE for me in this round of the saturday sale! There are sizes for maitreya, slink, hourglass, ALL of the belleza bodies, and even a few standard sizes to boot! Gotta love the fringe!

Spend your saturday with this sale!_001
If you are daring enough to bare almost everything, you'll love Bishes sexykini. I grabbed the light pink colour from their saturday sale spot. It includes sizes for TMP, Slink, hourglass, Maitreya, all of the belleza bodies, and all of the standard sizes!!

Spend your saturday with this sale!_002
The sexykini is delightfully skimpy from the front and from the back, but The real star here is the gorgeous hair from LCKY that's currently out for Midnight Madness! You can grab the fatpack of the hair I'm wearing for FREE if you can get there in time! There are only 1500 copies available, so GOGOGOGO!

Spend your saturday with this sale!_004
Cae has an adorable set of butterfly-themed jewelry out for this round of Midnight Madness! It comes with a necklace and earrings, and includes a HUD to change the metal colours! If you're one of the lucky 1500, you can snag this set for free!

Spend your saturday with this sale!_006
And finally, Reign's offer for the Saturday Sale is one you cannot refuse! A FATPACK of the amazing Livi V2 wedges! This comes with a HUD full of reign colours, AND a HUD that matches BLUEBERRY colours as well! You seriously should not pass this up, if you do, you're gonna have a bad time!

Style Card

Skin: AlterEgo - Mochi - Rose - Group Gift!
Head: Catwa - Aisha
Body: Belleza - Freya
Hair: LCKY - Kate - Fatpack! - For Monthly midnight madness!
Eyes: Ikon - Promise Eyes - Fjord
Jewelry: Cae -  Papillon - Collection - For Monthly midnight madness!
Outfit: 1 Hundred - Adorable Shorty Set - Pink & Lilac
Top: Enertia - bali fringe top - Fatpack - Saturday Sale!
Bikini: Bishes Inc - Sexykini - Light Pink - Saturday Sale!
Shoes: Reign - Livi wedges - V2 - Superpack - Saturday Sale!


Alaskametro is a Mesh Body Addict, Are you?!

Hey guys! The mesh body addicts fair has begun once again, and I've got a whole bunch of lovely things to show you! First up: Alaskametro's items!

Alaskametro is a Mesh Body Addict, Are you?!_004
Alaskametro's gorgeous Moda skin comes in 8 skintones, each of which includes 2 eyeshadows, 2 lipsticks, freckle/mole variations, and up to 4 brow colours! Body appliers are sold separately, but totally worth the extra purchase because they're so lovely! Classic/Omega, Slink Visage, #themeshproject, Lelutka, and Catwa appliers are all available

Alaskametro is a Mesh Body Addict, Are you?!_003
Each skin also comes with 2 lippie add-ons (pink and nude!), a cat liner, and a smoky eyeshadow! You can mix and match to make it work for tons of occasions!

Alaskametro is a Mesh Body Addict, Are you?!_002
If you're looking for a bolder makeup, check out  Alaskametro's Autumn runway palette and nails! The makeup set comes with 5 eye options, and 5 lippies, all based on current runway fashion trends! I'm in love with that glitter eye look!

Alaskametro is a Mesh Body Addict, Are you?!_001
Need nails to match your bold new look? You're covered there too! Grab the Autumn runway nail pack which includes 5 designs in 6 colours each, and have a nail design to match every makeup look! Available for slink, maitreya, and omega!

You can grab everything you see above, and more, (at a 15% discount during the event!) at the Mesh Body Addicts fair! This event goes through the end of the month, so you have a little time, but don't wait TOO long!

Style Card

Skin: Alaskametro - Moda Skin - Rose tone - Event item! For the Mesh Body Addicts Fair!
Hair: Magika - Luxe Box: May 2016 - Luxe Box Exclusive Item
Head: Catwa - Aisha [Fatpack]
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Eyes: Ikon - Charm Eyes - Starfall
Necklace set: Cute Poison - Mystiq Necklace
Top: Ison - lace-up tank - Luxe Box Exclusive Item
Pants: Paper Arrow - cuffed.jeans - dotty


All about dem nails!

Hey guys, if you're like me, you struggle to find gorgeous, high-quality nails to match your outfits. Well struggle no more, because Dark Passions has you covered! Here's a sample of the nails they have out at events this month (AND a freebie!!)

All about dem nails!_004 
Mesh Body addicts, which just started on the 10th and runs through the end of the month, brings us these gorgeous polish gems.

All about dem nails!_003
These are brand new and exclusive to the event, so make sure you grab them while you can. Each applier (maitreya, slink, etc) will run you just $L100, or you can grab the fatpack for a discount!
(P.S. I'm pretty sure the Feather Flair are my absolute favourite of DP's nails to date!)

All about dem nails!_002 
 These are a marketplace-only deal for the "Buy Now!" event! 

All about dem nails!_001
The Fatpacks are available for a special price ($L290 for the On Wednesdays set, and $L145 for the True patriot set), and the singles are available as well

All about dem nails!_005
And finally, that brings us to the group gift! The Round and Round nails are available to members of both the Buy Now! group, and the Dark Passions group! Joining either of these, and going to the main store, or the Buy Now infohub will reward you with these gorgeous spirals of colour. 

Style Card:

Skin: Pnk Fuel - Doll v2 - Button Nose
Hair: Clawtooth - Heck on Wheels - Dreamy Red
Eyes: Ikon - Sovereign Eyes - Evening
Head: Catwa - Aisha - Fatpack

P.S. Today is my 5th anniversary with my RL/SL partner! It's also the first day of his OTR trucking training, so it's definitely the worst anniversary...



Hey guys! You like free skins, right? I surely do! I have a beautiful new one to show you today!

Lumae has a brand new group gift skin out right now! The group is currently $L1 to join (to try and keep out the spam bots), but you get so much in the package that it's more than worth it. Included in the group gift package is: System layer skins with multiple brow colours, cleavage/freckle tattoo layers, eyelash tattoo layers, body appliers, head appliers, ear appliers, Lumae's Leevi ears in 3 sizes, and a whole pack of everything without nipples as well!

The gorgeous blue makeup reminds me of the ocean, and matches my bikini beautifully! I normally prefer pale skins, but Lumae's tan skins are absolutely fantastic and lack the "spray tan" orange tone that a lot of tan skins on the market have

To my outfit, I added these lovely hibiscus-print nails from Dark Passions! These are currently available at the Tropical Summer fair, which unfortunately ends today (but the owner of Dark Passions usually makes her nails available after events in the main store)

I'm wearing the design in the red box above, but all of the designs shown are included in each package!

OMG, GIFTS!_003 
If you're looking for another prezzie, you should head over to the luxe box party platform and grab these gorgeous free peep-toes from Reign! These are available to everyone (as far as I know), not just people who have purchased the Luxe Box. They include sizes for slink, maitreya, and belleza, and there are multiple colours in the package as well!


Style Card:

Skin: Lumae - Eirtae - Tone 5/ Dolce - Summer Sky - $L0/GROUP GIFT! - Group is $L1 to join
Hair: Lamb. - Prove it - Dark Blondes/Fatpack - Luxe Box June Exclusive
Eyes: S0ng - Chibi Eyes - Lime
Head: Logo - Infinity Alex Mesh Head
Nails: Dark Passions - Tropical Daze - Available at the Tropical Summer fair! Thanks, B!
Body: Maitreya - Lara mesh body
Necklace: Altair - crystalized insults necklace - go away
Bracelet: Reign - Boho Bracelet - Pink
Glasses: Reign - Hippy Heart Glasses  
Bikini: Foxes - Tassle Kini - Luxe Box June Exclusive
Shoes: Reign - Peep-Toe Pumps - Luxe Box GIFT! - $L0/FREE @ the luxe box party platform! (everyone can get this gift!)


Fabulous Fifty Linden Friday Finds!

Phwoo! That title was surely a mouthful!
I put together this sexy look with pieces found in this week's round of FLF!
I grabbed deals from: Dead Dollz, Wasabi Pills, and Maxi Gossamer this week and put together a look that really turns heads!

Fabulous Fifty Linden Friday Finds!_001
This lace overlay dress is the FLF offering from Dead Dollz. It comes in a gorgeous shade of deep and muted purple, is maitreya-only, and includes both the dress you see above, and one that is a little bit less modest (and also includes a pair of panties for... just a touch of mystery?)

Fabulous Fifty Linden Friday Finds!_004
Check out this necklace from Maxi Gossamer for FLF! The necklace itself comes in 3 versions (one long two short) and can be switched to either gold or silver, and the beads can be changed to any of the 8 different bead colours. The hair I have on above is another FLF find, this time from Wasabi Pills! The Mackenzie hair comes in one exclusive colour pack for today only, and includes a regular and BOOBS version, for ladies with bountiful bosoms!

Fabulous Fifty Linden Friday Finds!_003
My kickass vintage-inspired nails are from Dark Passions, and are currently available at the Vintage Fair, which just opened today!  I adore all things sparrows, so the sparrow tattoo design is right up my alley!
Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Fatpack - Vintage Vixen EDIT
I'm wearing the ones that I've made a red box around above. Appliers are available for Slink, Maitreya, and Omega and can either be purchased separately for $L100, or you can grab the fatpack for $L275!
Fabulous Fifty Linden Friday Finds!_002
My soft and beautiful skin is the bare version of Lumae's Eirtae line. I cannot say enough good things about this skin, and it's perfect to add makeup to! I've embellished it slightly with one of the Juliet shadow/liner combos from Nova, but left the rest alone

Fabulous Fifty Linden Friday Finds!_005 

Style Card:

Skin: Lumae - Eirtae - Bare - Tone 1 Thanks, Lumiya!
Nails: Dark Passions - Vintage Vixen -Event item! For the Vintage Fair! Thanks, B!
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Mackenzie Hair - FLF Exclusive pack
Eyes: Ikon - Triumph eyes - Apex
Makeup: Nova - Juliet Eyeshadows - OMEGA
Head: LOGO - Alex Infinity Mesh Head
Body: Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body
Dress: Dead Dollz - Echo Dress - Purple FLF
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Boho Bliss Tassel-tastic Necklace
Collar: Cae - Kept collar - Silver
Shoes: Reign -Kaylee Booties - Tan

Wow, this is the quickest I've gotten a blog post out in a while! Must be some weird voodoo stuff going on! Thanks for being patient, I'm doing what I can with the curveballs life keeps throwing at me... P.S. Hello from halfway across the country from where I was before!