why, I'm an engineer, my deer!

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Hey guys! Sorry I've been MIA this past week or so, I have been soooooo siiiiiiiicccckk. I feel like I have the plague, and people that know me know that I find it really hard to do much of anything while sick... I haven't even really been online! These photos have been sitting since pre-plague, and I'm worried that I won't be better before some of these events end, SO I decided to drag my drippy face out of bed for a little bit and get this post done!

Firstly, starting from the top of my outfit: My engineer goggles are from Songbird, and are out right now at A clockwork spiral. I can't ever pass up a pair of goggles! These are all mesh, come in quite a few different metals, and include a colour change HUD to customize the lens colour to your hearts content! Proceeds from the sale of the fatpack of this item go to charity! These goggles also have materials enabled, so to take full advantage of this, you'll need to be on a viewer that supports it. 
Next, My collar is available at the kings and queens fair from Cubic cherry Kre-ations! The King collar is all original mesh, and was originally designed to be for men, but it works perfectly on a feminine form as well.

Next, check out my fishnet gloves! Aren't you obsessed with them? hee hee. These are one of 4 items from Songbird for the event called My Slink Obsession! These are compatible with slink hands as well as normal SL hands! 
Lumae has really knocked it out of the park with the skin I have on. The Evie skin with Bambi makeup is available at the Fantasy room for your shopping pleasure! I find it really really hard to find a faun/deer skin that I like, but I absolutely adore this one! This skin comes in tones 2, 4, 6, and 8, and the pack includes the skin with 3 different makeup options, 2 shapes, 2 cleavage options on 2 layers each, 2 different eyelash tattoo layers, and a whole slew of appliers!

Another great find at A clockwork spiral is the Attention! dress from Songbird. I'm wearing it in black with red accents, but it comes in a multitude of colour options, and proceeds from the sale of the fatpack go to charity!

and finally, rounding out all of the fantastic that is my outfit, is my nails! Alaskametro recently released a ton of metallic accented nails (over 300 styles!!). I've accented my red and black outfit with a pair of red and gold nails from the Vamp pack. You can see which I've used in that little red circle on the HUD pic to my left. I am absolutely in love with these nails, and might just have to try some of these styles in real life!
Style card:

Skin: Lumae - Bambi - 02 Cream - Event item! - for the fantasy room!
Hair: Koy - Goodbye summer - fatpack
Nails: Alaskametro - Vamp/gold - Triangle - candy apple
Gloves: Songbird - Fishnet gloves - black - Event item! - for My slink obsession!
Collar: Cubic cherry Kre-ations - Collar - King/gold - Event item! - for Kings and queens fair 2
Piercing: Haste - Cross lip ring - red
Goggles: Songbird - Engineer goggles - gunmetal - Event item! - for a clockwork spiral!
Dress: Songbird - Attention! - black with red accents - Event item! - for a clockwork spiral!
Boots: Razor - Regulator combat boots

P.s. I'm thinking of starting a food blog, I love to cook and bake, and I'd probably focus on nerdy recipes (things inspired by games, books, movies, etc...) along with my very own recipes right out of my brain meats! What do you guys think?

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