The lovely tavern maid - part 2!

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So, yesterday I displayed some of the lovely home items that the Fantasy room has to offer, and today I'll show off the clothing! This is by no means ALL of the clothing, just a few things I've chosen to show off together!

This sweet camisk is from floor candy for the fantasy room! I love the colour and the delicate lace detail at the bottom! It includes an exposed and covered version, to show off your tatas if you would like, but it does NOT include panties, those I added for a *little* more coverage

The pose pack from Axix comes with lots of lovely props to augment their fantastic poses, I'm showing off one of the props and poses here! Hope I don't drop all of this!

I absolutely adore the tunic and boots from Les Encantades, they're light, airy, and show off just the right amount to tease without giving everything away.

For something a little cozier, I recommend the Nasreen dress by Teriotrope. Each of the three colours it comes in are event exclusive, so if you love them, make sure you snatch them up before the end of the event!

My gorgeous hair pins are from May Soul. These come in black, silver, and gold, and each one is lovely, intricately detailed, and delicate. While you're at the Fantasy room, make sure you pick up the dainty "Simplicity collar". It's simple shape and dual-tone design means it goes with everything, and it comes in both copy and trans versions, for gifting, or for keeps!

Style Card:
Skin: Essences - Lily - light rose - previous FLF item/no longer available
Hair: Ploom - Vanellope - ploomage - previous event item/no longer available
Ears: Mandala - fantasy elf ears - long
Pins: May Soul - Lotta hair sticks - gold - Fantasy room item
Collar: Wimey - simplicity collar - Fantasy room item
Camisk: Floor candy - Symphony - red - Fantasy room item
Dress/boots: Les Encantades - Laiquendi Tunic/Boots - Forest - Fantasy room item
Gown: Teriotrope - Nasreen dress - Green - Fantasy room item

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