A gothic romance

by - 10:52 PM

So, this time of year, everything is all about hearts and flowers, love and mush... and that gets a bit tiring after a while... So I wanted something a bit darker today, to fight off all of the saccharin sweetness and heart-filled days.

The Boobies planet items from Pixystix more than meet my needs! This super sexy mesh dress comes with tangos appliers, but works just as well without them. I paired it with a few spikey accessories for that perfect "yes I'm sexy, now back off." look!

Her skin for the Be my busty valentine hunt compliments it perfectly! I love the luscious lips and bedroom eyes!

Just a super quickie post for you guys, I'm trying to start posting twice per day (phwew!) so yeah! Have a thing!

Style Card:

Skin: PixyStix - Winnifred - Butterscotch - BMBVH item!/$L1!!
Hair: Elikatira - Thrive - Black 05 - no longer available
Collar: Blah - My Cute Spiky Choker - Black & Red
Headband: Remarkable Oblivion - Crown of thorns
Cuffs: Sn@tch - Suede wristbands
Dress: PixyStix - 

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