The lovely tavern maid - part 1!

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Huzzah! The Fantasy room is finally open for their first round under their new name (this event was previously called the GOREAN room!) and they are off to an amazing new start! This post was originally intended to just be a silly little quick post, but I couldn't decide on just one or two things to show from this fantabulous event, and ended up taking so many photos that I've decided to break it down into two posts!

This first half of my post features the beautiful home items that come from not only the fantasy room, but a few other places as well.

This absolutely lovely little building was actually intended to be a coffee shop, but for this set of posts, I've turned it into a tiny little tavern! The building is actually a freebie from HY's in celebration of their 2nd anniversary hunt. While the building is lovely, it is very small, the doorways are only about 6 feet tall, and it is not modifiable. The wonderful stone chairs out front are a $L30 saturday item from Ginger line, and are on sale for today only!

The lovely, and only slightly creepy, Screaming Tree Table and chairs is a fantasy room item from United InshCon, while the tub in the background (you'll see more of that in the continuation of this post) is another $L30 item, but this time from AccessoGOR. It has tons of animations, temporary props that rez, and it's only 2 prims!!

What is a good tavern without barrels of various types of spirits? United InshCon and Tia were more than generous with their libations. Tia's Longahall barrels contain paga, mead, ale, and "all sorts", and are another $L30 saturday item, while UI's secured barrels set only contain rum, but good god is it a lot of rum! The secured barrels from UI are another Fantasy room item.

and finally, I have a few cute things to show you! The 3 fantastic pieces of wall art are actually from the Final Fantasy Festival (SQUEE!) but I just thought they fit right in! The absolutely adorable bottles are from United InshCon's gatcha at the fantasy room! They are definitely a must-have!

Landscape Card!

Building: HY's - Coffee Shop - freebie/hunt gift!
Grass: Miasnow - Grass - plush green flat
Trees: Studio Skye - Enchanted forest V1 (I wish it was V2!)
Hearth: Dysfunctional Designs - Quaint Tavern Hearth
Log set: United InshCon - Screaming Tree Table and chairs - Fantasy room item
Rum: United InshCon - Secured barrels set - Fantasy room item
Bottles: United InshCon - bottle gatcha - Fantasy room item
Stone chairs: Ginger Line - High Throne V1 Rough Stone (complete) - $L30 saturday item
Other barrels: Tia - Longhall barrels - $L30 saturday item
Tub: AccessoGOR - Slave Barrel Bath - $L30 saturday item
Desk: AccessoGOR - Naughty Desk (Warrior) - $L30 saturday item
Cushion: AccessoGOR - Rowdy Master's Cushion (Grey Fur) - $L30 saturday item
Art: Frogstar - Mog's House Wall Art, Bob's Chocobo Burgers Wall Art, and 10,000 Needles Wall Art - Final Fantasy Festival item! (AAAHHHH SQUEEE!)

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