Good moogle gone bad...

by - 3:54 PM

What happens when a moogle gets tired of being cute and fuzzy and helpful? Well, I'd wager something like this...

You've come to the wrong neighborhood, kupo...

I love the Final Fantasy Festival exclusive outfit from endorphin! It includes the bodysuit, collar, gloves, skirt, net underlay, and even boots! With all of the leather and spikes, I certainly felt like a badass. I just have one problem with the outfit...

Here's a closeup of the collar... now I'm wearing a standard sized shape, and the correct size collar, AND all of the alpha layers included in the package... and there are some serious clipping issues that even photoshop can't fix... Other than that though, the outfit is absolutely amazing! Here's another teaser of the materia jewelry from Ellabella... I know I keep teasing you with this, but I promise I have something planned to really show it off ;)

My beautiful pink "Visions of Midgar" eyes are from Lovely Disarray, and the matching candy pink eyeshadow is from Oh!Liv. 

and to finish off my badass moogle look, I added the "Bad bitch" rings from Cute Poison! These rings come in silver, gold, and black (shown) and are out for The big show, which is the event that spawned from the combination of the boobies and ass shows. 

I've pretty much covered everything in my look already, but just to be sure, here's my...

Style Card:
Skin: Essences - Noodles 03 - Light rose
Eyeshadow: Oh!Liv - Misaki - Candy - FFF item!
Hair: Magika - Shade - pack 02
Eyes: Lovely Disarray - Visions of midgar eyes - Flower w/Eye glow - FFF item!
Necklace: Ellabella - Materia jewelry - Simple - Yellow - FFF item!
Rings: Cute Poison - Bad bitch rings - black - Big show item!
Outfit: Endorphin - FFF item!
Moogle accessories: Evocative - Moogle poof and wings - FFF item! - FREEBIE!!

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