Do you bento?

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Hey guys! So, If you haven't heard yet, SL is implementing a new system called PROJECT BENTO, which adds bones for fingers, facial movements/sliders, tails, and wings. The default SL viewer with bento support has been out for a while, but the firestorm BETA viewer with the capabilities was just released recently. (For more info, and download links, please join the Phoenix-Firestorm Preview group!). I'm a die-hard firestormer, so I've been holding off on bento-ing myself until the release of the beta viewer, but now that it's here, I grabbed the bento-enabled Kioko head from Akeruka (which is on SALE right now guys, along with all of their bento heads!! Get them while the sale is on), and the Bento-enabled hands from Vista Animations, and have been playing around with them pretty much non-stop!

Do you bento?_001
I am wearing my favourite Pink Fuel skin via the omega/logo applier! I'm thrilled it works so beautifully. I've added omega-compatibility to my head by buying the omega relay for Akeruka [HERE]. The Kioko head comes with blinking options, several open mouth states, the ability to have the mouth move when you talk, lots of skintones, and a whole slew of makeup and freckle options, and more. For the price, it's an absolute steal! I'm using the face shape that's included with the head, but the head WILL respond to all of your shape sliders!!

Do you bento?_002
Extended fingers and a smile! The Vista prohands come with a regular version, a bento version, 4 tester animations that are fun to play with (You can see Strawberry Singh test out all of them in her youtube video [HERE]). It also includes a HUD with tons of skin presets, 4 nail lengths, a skin-tinting thingie, 18 nail polishes, glove and tattoo layer toggles, and a dozen hand poses! Each nail can be polished individually, and your hands can move independently. I'm actually using the poses designed for bento use from Sari-Sari, there's 6 in the pack and they're super cute

Wiggly Fingers~! One thing to note is that these hands ARE still in beta, and one negative that i noticed is that the nails sink into the fingers a little bit in some poses. However, the creator has been really receptive to customer feedback, and all updates are included and FREE. Definitely try the demo to see if these are right for you. These DO fit mesh bodies!

While you're looking at my wiggly fingers, check out my nails! These are new from Dark Passions and are currently available at the Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly event! I am wearing a set from the "Shades of Gray" palette. I've marked the one above with a red box! 

Style Card:

Skin: Pink Fuel - Crystal - Doll V2 (LOGO/OMEGA applier!)
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Dakota - FLF edition
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Awake - Ice Blue
Head: Akeruka - Kioko BENTO head
Hands: Vista Animations - BENTO Prohands
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Nails: Dark Passions - Shades of Gray V2 - Event item - For Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly
Necklace: Altair - drink me! necklace
Top: Lazybones - Celena Tank - Lilac
Pants: Sn@tch - Debbie Ripped Rocker Pants - All colours

Animations: Sari-Sari - FP01 (bento)

House: Dust Bunny - upcycled cabin
Cabinets/Fridge - Dust Bunny - small spaces kitchen
Kitties: Jian - Kitten Scratching Post
Bed: Scarlet Creative - Meribel Lounger Bed
Plant: Roawenwood - Foxglove - Potted - Blue
Kettle: Michigans Shack - Jazz Kitchen - Kettle
Poster1: Sherbert - Dorm room posters - "Pi Poster"
Poster2: Sherbert - Dorm room posters - "TARDIS"
Embroidery: Fetch - Cross Stitch - Ice Cream
Bench: Scarlet Creative - Meribel Stool

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