Lumae ♥'s RP!

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Hey guys! Lumae has finally started to release their brand new skin line! These have an all new redone body, remade appliers, all of the HUDs are redone, everything is rebuilt from the ground up and it is GORGEOUS! They currently have 3 skins out for the current line (one's a GROUP GIFT!!!). Her first new release is out at We ♥ Role-play, and is currently 50% off! What a better way to check out Lumae's new line than with a sale like that?!

Lumae <3's RP!_001
When it comes to fantasy skins, and skins that deviate from the standard, Lumae is absolutely the best, and the newest, Erite definitely continues that trend. For this round of We ♥ RP, Erite is featured in a fantastic purple called "nightwish" that I simply just can't get enough of! I'm wearing it on the Logo Alex head, and not only is the fit perfect, it compliments the features beautifully.

Lumae <3's RP!_002
My cute casual outfit is one of the newest releases from Goth1c0 in their main store. It's still a little too cold where I am IRL for shorts and tees, but I'm really enjoying the spring look in SL! The resolution outfit includes a HUD to change the sweater around your waist, and is available in several sayings, as well as plain.

Style Card:

Skin: Lumae - Erite - Nightwish - 50% Off for We ♥ RP! Thanks, Lumiya!
Hair: Doe - Amalthea - Monotone/Fatpack - Event item! Currently available @ Enchantment! Thanks, Helyanwe!
Eyes: S0ng - Vale eyes - Grey {RARE}
Head: Logo - Alex infinity - Omega version
Body: Maitreya - Lara mesh body
Piercing: Punch - Beaded nose chain - Currently on sale for $L50!
Jewelry: Plastik - FLF Maiklu Golden Jewelry
Outfit: Goth1c0 - Resolution outfit - Meow - Thanks Keishii!

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