It's my rezday, and I'm treating myself to some Sn@tch!

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So, one of my favourite days of the year has finally come... it's my REZDAY! Today marks the day 6 years ago when Skyler Glasswing came into being. I am filling this day with fun and friends, and treating myself to anything I want! Lucky for me that today is also Wednesday, which means brand new stuff at Sn@tch to treat myself to!

but first.....
I mentioned to my partner how excited I was that Pink Fuel updated their Doll V2 skins to include logo/omega/belleza appliers, and mentioned that I planned to get it for myself for my rezday... and he went out of his way and bought it for me! He's wonderful :3

It's my rezday, and I'm treating myself to some Sn@tch!_001
The Pink Fuel Doll V2 skin that I received is the "Crystal tone" version (not the vamp version) comes with so many options it would probably take me the rest of the day to list them including; body appliers, head appliers, makeup, and a feet/shoe pack from just designs (not shown)

It's my rezday, and I'm treating myself to some Sn@tch!_002
Next, Sn@tch seemed to just KNOW that it was my rezday, and put out 3 of my favourite products (that I somehow didn't own already) on the RIOT VENDORS! I managed to snag three new gorgeous items for about $L150!

Style Card:

Skin: Pink Fuel - Doll V2 - Crystal
Hair: Doe - Cricket - Neons/fatpack! Thanks, Helyanwe!
Head: Logo - Alex infinity - Omega version
Body: Maitreya - Lara mesh body
Eyes: S0ng - Vale eyes - Grey {RARE}
Ears: Mandala - Steking ears
Sweater: Sn@tch - Angelica 8 Bit Sweater - Pink - RIOT ITEM! $l50
Skirt: Sn@tch - Dolly Ruffle Skirt - Pink
- RIOT ITEM! $l55
Shoes/socks - Reign - Marlena plats - Fatpack

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