Come make me over! New makeup from Alaskametro - Part 1 - Lippies!

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Hey guys!
I am sooooooo excited because recently Alaskametro updated her makeups to include OMEGA appliers! The packs now include system layers as well as appliers for: Loud Mouth, TMP, Omega, Lelutka, and the Slink Visage heads! Her makeups have always been a great deal, but the deal just keeps getting sweeter!

If you're new to the world of makeup, Alaskametro has absolutely gorgeous products for unbearably amazing prices. These look fabulous on the default SL heads, but since I just got the LOGO Alex head, which is Omega-compatible, I thought I'd scootch up to my cute vanity from Kei-spot and show these little pieces of art off on my new face! There are so many fantastic sets to choose from, and I couldn't pick just one... SO, here's ALL of the lippies!

Come make me over_001
 On an unrelated note, my partner decided to spoil me with the newest lingerie from Dirty Princess! The Ritzy princess lingerie comes with a ton of layers, options, and omega appliers to boot! It DOES show your nipples, so if you're not comfortable with that, grab some pasties like I did! If you're up for a little luck-of-the-draw, then you should check out Doe's hair gacha at Epiphany! I am wearing one of the ginger shades from the RARE Essentials pack.

Come make me over_002
First up, Alaskametro's Angel lipsticks. These come in 6 luscious matte ombre comours that fade from dark at the edges to bright in the center. Colours in the pack are: Black Cherry, Cyber, Dark Chocolate, Deep Forest, Plum, and Twilight.

Come make me over_003
If you're looking for some great neutrals to "go with everything" then you'll want to pick up the Creme Brown set! Colours in the pack are: Brunette, Burnt, Cafe Au Lait, cashew, chestnut, and nude

Come make me over_004
You can never go wrong with a great red lip! The Creme Reds set has a perfect red lippie for everyone! Colours in the pack are: Coral, Fiery, Joan, Harlot, Melot, and Wild

Come make me over_005
If you like the creme sets but want something a little glossier, then the Evelyn palette is for you! This palette features sophisticated but fun lippies in a wide variety of tones. Colours in the pack are: Carmine, Coco, Fatale, Girly, Petal, and Rebel.

Come make me over_006
Heading back to the matte side of the spectrum, we have the Heat lippie palette! These are bright colours but not TOO bright, perfect for adding a pop of colour to an outfit. These are definitely reminiscent of the Baby Lips lip balms IRL. Colours in the pack are: Cerise, Coral, Flamingo, Lemonade, Pool, and Tango.

Come make me over_007
Our final matte set of the day is the Matte Dark palette. This features some deeper lippies in staple tones with a creamy matte look. Colours in the pack are: Autumn, Classic Red, Gothic, Swoon, Vamp, and Venom

Come make me over_008
If you're more into shiny lips, like me, then you'll love the Liquid Shine lipsticks. These are partially transparent, but pack a super shine punch! Colours in the pack are:Claret, Fuchsia, Mocha, Orchid, Rose, and Violet

Come make me over_009
Alaskametro's lip stains are all fairly neutral without adding too much gloss or shine. Colours in the pack are: Acorn, Berry, Cerise, classic, cranberry, and Rose.

Come make me over_010
Finally,the sheer glosses are semi-transparent to let your beautiful lips show through partially! There are 6 sheer neutral shades to compliment almost every skin tone and provide a subtle hint of colour and gloss. Colours in the pack are: Blush, Golden, Mauve, Nude, Pale, Rouge

{p.s... "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??" I know, right? Things have been hectic here in the Glasswing house. In the last month or two my mom and her husband separated and are getting divorced, so my mom stayed with us for a while, we've had quite a few family deaths, I've been taking care of my grandparents more than ever, and my partner and I are planning a road trip that will more than likely lead to a non-local move soon, occupation changes, and other generally possibly huge things... so that's where I've been! Sorry guys! ♥}

Style Card:

Skin: Pink Fuel - Kiyomi - Crystal - Previous event item
Hair: Doe - Cierra - Essentials RARE - Event Item! For Epiphany! Thanks, Helyanwe!
Head: LOGO - Alex infinity mesh head - Omega
Ears: AITUI - Ear System: Gen 4, ACRYL*IMALS - Pink Squid
Eyes: The Sugar Garden - Awake - Ice blue
Body: Maitreya LARA
Lingerie: Dirty Princess - Ritzy Princess Lingerie - Black
Shoes: N-core - Donna - Glass
Decor card:

Vanity: Kei-spot - Kei's candy vanity - Hocus Pocus event item
Side tables/magazine shelf: Buglets - Lil princess bedroom set - Previous Limited 50 item - no longer available
Needlepoint: Fetch - Cross stitch - Ice cream - No longer available

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