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Hey guys! So, October is breast cancer awareness month, and it's the time of year when I remind all of you wonderful women, and men, out there to touch your boobies, please. Early detection is the best defense when it comes to cancer, and a false positive self-exam is better than not knowing...

Boobies are great, they're fun, they're awesome to look at, they're nice and soft, but breast cancer is not something to take lightly... no cancer is... This is a cause that is definitely close to my heart, and this time of year is really difficult for me because all of the pink and everyone talking about it makes me remember the wonderful people that I've known that have lost their battles with cancer and how it has affected not only my life, but the lives of their families, friends, and people around them.

Mused, the creators of the Milk mades milkable breasts, holds breast cancer as close to their hearts as I do, and they have organized several events, a hunt, a gatcha, donation boxes, and other things to help raise money to go to the cause.

Donating $L1 to the vendor at Mused gets you the cute balloon pack that you see around me. The pack comes with 4 different balloons, each bearing a different saying and containing a hold pose, and a modifiable pink ribbon that you can wear or rez.

If you choose to donate $L20 or more, you can grab this kickass shirt which comes with appliers for just about everything!

There is also a gatcha with appliers for the tube top layer of the milk mades breasts! I managed to get mine to work with my tangos (I'm still wearing my milk mades, but the boobie parts are invisible!), but this level of modding is not for the faint of heart! NOTE that these appliers are NOT TRANSFERABLE like pretty much every other gatcha is, so you can NOT trade with your friends!

Finally, Mused's "Hunt for the cure!" is in full swing! Each prize is $L10, and 100% of that goes straight to the cause. Prizes are worth $L250+ each! Above I'm wearing the gift from stop #1, Mused, and I'll cover the rest of the prizes that I grabbed in my next post!

Style card:

Skin: Yumyums - Brias - Sparkle queen - tone 01 - Event item! - for the Candy fair!
Hair: Ploom - Lollipop girl - Ploomage -  - Event item! - for the Candy fair!
Headband - Buttery toast - 
Hands/feet: Slink
Mouth: Loud mouth - Celine
Lippie - Adored bodyshop - Gummi gloss - Pinkies pack - Event item! - for the Candy fair!
Shoes: Razor - Supra kicks

Pose 1: Presence - Azuri 09 (Mirror)
Pose 2: Presence - Azuri 01
Pose 3: Presence - Azuri 09
Pose 4: Presence - Azuri 03


Chair: Sway's - Sweet Armchair - bubble gum - Event item! - for the Candy fair!
Carpet: Sway's - Sweet coffee table - bubble gum - Event item! - for the Candy fair!
Table: Sway's - Sweet Rug - bubble gum - Event item! - for the Candy fair!

Frame: --[Pins & Needles]-- Product display frame - made by ME, not for sale anywhere!

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