OMG SHOES! (and some updates!)

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So, the other day I got a notification that I was being removed from one of the (extremely few) feeds I'm on because I haven't posted on my blog in 45 days, and I said to myself "No way... that can't be right..." but sure enough, I haven't posted on my little amazing blog that started me on my way to SL fame (HA! Kidding) in a MONTH AND A HALF! OH THE HUMANITY! No really though, I hate that I'm neglecting my blog, it's like leaving your friend at the store... but I've been exceedingly busy with my RL, which apparently I have one of these days, and with my Fabfree blogging! (Find my author page, and my ever-growing number of posts [HERE]!)

As far as RL goes, it doesn't look like anything's calming down anytime soon... In the past few months, Fluffy and I have been camping at the beach (not nearly as expensive as it sounds!) nearly every weekend, or doing something else fun, and he got a new job....... and then got fired from said job on some seriously horrid false pretenses... but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise when he got a call from an even better job that he'll actually like...with BENEFITS! He starts this week, so the next few months are going to be filled with more away weekends, adjusting to a completely topsy-turvey new schedule, saving up for our own place (Hopefully? Please? Finally? Maybe?) and getting a car that's maybe a bit less of a P.O.S. than the one we have... 

TL;DR: Life's been busy, shit's going on, blawging like a baws on Fabfree

Anyway, enough about me, you don't come here to read about MY life, you come here for the FASHION! Glamistry, a brand new shoe store, has up this fantabulous little sign that made me squee with joy. What does the sign say?

aw yeah, you read that correctly. In each of their shoe releases that contains a white version of the shoe, the white version will always be free... FREE SHOES!

Glamistry's first release is this absolutely fantastic pair of strappy stilettos, and, of course, the white version is 100% free! Included in the pack is a HUD which can be used to change the metals on the shoe, and looks like it is the base for the other colours, which means that, like the shoes from GOS, you can change between any of the HUDS you already own from the one you're wearing. You also have the option to change bits and pieces of the shoes independently, which is super exciting!. I can't wait to see their next release!

Style Card:

Skin: Lumae - Eliana - 3 - latte/01 - $L100 per play/Greek isles gacha event item
Shoes: - Glamistry - Hyacinth - White - $L0/FREE

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