What's your fantasy? (part 1!)

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Why good morning you up-early-type-people! I have some great SL-related news, and some great un-related news... The completely un-related: The BF finally found a (pretty decently paying) job!! This means that the next few months are going to be hectic while we settle into the new routine, and then while we hopefully find a new place to live that's a bit closer to where he works... 

Now for the SL-related...
The fantasy room opens today, and I'm so excited to show off all of the gorgeous items available! The fantasy room, formerly known as the Gorean room, runs for the whole month, and features items that are all under $L100!! Today's fantasy? Lolita!

My lovely lolita-esque dress is for The fantasy room, and comes to us from Tiar! The pack also includes, although I'm not wearing them, a pair is cute leopard leggings, pearls for your neck, mouth, and wrists, and 2 different pairs of gloves! What a versatile outfit!

The beautiful rose crown I have atop my lovely head is another fantasy room item, but this time from Persefona! The crown comes in 3 different rose colours, black, red, white! Each crown is $L70, and includes not only the colour shown, but also an extra little surprise.

I've also mixed some items from this round of Fit for a princess into this outfit, namely my necklace and bracelet, which are from Frogstar, my nails, which are also from Frogstar, and this beautiful princess-y hair, which is this round's item from Calico!

Frogstar's pearl necklaces and bracelets actually come in a gacha! Each play is just $L25, and there are 14 items to win!

My nails, which are also from Frogstar, come in a fatpack of colours, and include both fingrenails AND toenails!

Finally, I have to gush just a bit over these because OMG! The Papillion headwings from Remarkable Oblivion are incredible. These are extremely highly detailed, fully mod for easy fitting (or different wear options!) and are MATERIALS-emabled. While you will be able to see these with just any old viewer, you will need a materials enabled viewer to see the beauty of the sunlight playing on them, and the subtle shine it creates. Fun fact about me: as much as I love butterflies in SL, i'm terrified of them IRL, and I'm not really sure why! Crazy, right?

Style Card:
Coming soon, but first... a nap, becuase I've been up for days!... damn insomnia...

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