Slumber party?? not quite...

by - 4:53 PM

So, I have been in bed all day trying to rest and feel better after the nasty fall I took yesterday, and I thought... what better a thing to show off than jammies?!

My adorable jimjams come from Hot stuff and are a boobies planet item! These come with appliers for your tangos, lushes, and BBusty breasts!, and also for the Phat Azz and Sking butts!

My super adorable "Roofie" necklace is actually a valentines group gift from my own shop, --[Pins & Needles]--! Grab it from the notices while it's there, and when I get a chance, I also plan to put it out in the main store ^_^

om nom nom :3 My cute mouth nom, and the doughnut  on my head are both from Amai! Don't they look super yummy?!

Style Card:
Skin: Essences - Rose - Doux
Hair: Magika - Shade - pack 01
Mouth nom: Amai - Kumaface - Strawberry Chocolate
Doughnut: Amai - Go nuts! Doughnuts - Pink inusweets - Sprinkles
Necklace: --[Pins & Needles]-- "I won't hurt you" necklace - Group gift!
Outfit: Hot stuff - Lena PJ's - Boobies planet item!

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