Seeing red...

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You ever have one of those days where you wake up feeling horrible and the whole day just spirals downwards from there till you're practically seeing red, spitting venom, and just snap at the slightest provocation? Yeah... the last few days have been those kinds of days for me... Without boring you into oblivion, basically everything that can go wrong in my life is going as wrong as it can, and it's thoroughly taken a toll on my nerves, my emotions, and there is one person who is absolutely horrid, and is constantly pushing my patience to their limit... but it's okay, I have a shovel, and a baseball bat.

I absolutely adore this skin, which is a gift from Pixystix, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite skin shops! This one is from the Hunt for your inner slut, and is completely free! It includes tangos appliers, and loud mouth appliers! Speaking of gifts, my hair is a group gift from none other than Tameless! The hair comes in the full fatpack of colours, and is available for absolutely free!

My extra sexy outfit is an exclusive item from Sakide for the Love day festival. The "Dating outfit" comes in red, pink, and black(shown) and has a HUD to control just about every aspect of the outfit!

The kickass boots I have on are from Razor, and are an event item, but not exclusive!, this time for the Suicide dolls event. Gotta love all of that metal and ammunition.

Note: Someone brought it to my attention that adding prices for the items I blog would be extremely helpful, so I shall strive to do that from now on, and I plan to colour code the prices thusly:
  • Green - Freebies. These will be hunt gifts, group gifts, freebies, basically anything that won't cost you a cent
  • Red - Exclusives/Limited editions - These items will only be found at a certain event, or are just generally a limited edition item, and may not even be available when you read my post
That's pretty much it! I may add on to the colour code if needed, but I think that covers the important stuff!

Skin: Pixystix - Winnifred - Butterscotch - HYIS6 - $L0/Hunt Gift
Hair: Tameless - Tatum - Fatpack - $L0/Group Gift
Collar: Sn@tch - Spiked dog collar - part of a past fishing outfit - outfit is $L350
Cuffs: Sn@tch - Suede wristbands - part of a past fishing outfit - outfit is $L350
Outfit: Sakide - Dating outfit - black - Love day festival exclusive - $L200
Boots: Razor - Onslaught boots - Black - Suicide dolls event item NOT exclusive - $L129
Poses/props: Magnifique - Zombie hunters poses (props included!) - $L10!
Location: My very own home sim, Rainbow Haven! Check out the GCS zombie combat area, where all of these photos were taken!

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