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So, everyone in SL, myself included, seems to be OBSESSED with gachas these days! And why not? they're full of fun, usually inexpensive, trade-able things that are almost always too shiny to resist.

The Hello Titty slots is a gacha event that caters to the busty and *ahem* augmented audience in SL. When you step into the room, there are more boobs than you could even dream of! What kind of things are in these wonderful little machines? Well, why not join me in my little casino, take a gander, and put a coin in my slot? ;)

 NOTE: These photos were taken at a casino that Akira and I put together, this is NOT the official event setup, you'll have to go and check that out for yourself!!

My cohort Akira and I arrived at this fun little casino, it was quite empty... the only soul around was the very sexy bartender! We had no one to show our chibi legends sweaters from Tits Up!

These ::Inked:: Dresses from  ~PixyStix~ are perfect for relaxing in a super comfy chair while deciding what to do next! Akira loved the "love your insides" dress, which is a RARE, while my favourite was "mmmm"!

Akira and I happened to run into an old friend of mine while at this fun casino. I hadn't seen her in SO long! The last time I saw "Viktoria" she was known as "Viktor"! To celebrate this occasion, we knew the three of us just HAD to take a photo in matching outfits! The Tw@ttyC@ke Morphin outfits were perfect for this occasion! I chose to be the green ranger, my favourite since childhood, Akira chose the RARE pink, and Viktoria chose black! To repay the kindness, Viktoria wanted to buy us drinks... but she wanted us to strip first! o: 

Luckily, we had some ..:sexZ:.. lingerie on under our costumes! Akira is wearing the RARE sugar skull pink, and I'm in lime!

After waiting for quite some time for drinks, Akira and I got bored and decided to show off our new piercings from ** POMPOSITY **!

 I'm not sure if the sexy bartender noticed that Akira's were Sagittarius...

...or that mine were scorpio... but he certainly noticed something!

Then we decided to slip into some sexy *Bubblefish* ruffle lingerie to uh... play some pool

I am showing off the pink rainbow rare set, while Akira is in the lavender set, which is a common

Things got a little bit fuzzy at that point, but she and I ended up losing nearly everything (including our clothes!) at the blackjack table, the bartender realized that the dealer was cheating! He addressed this issue.... um... calmly...

She and I both absolutely ADORE the titty tags from .::Pink Sugah::.! The "your boyfriend paid for these" tag made me giggle so much! I just HAD to show it off

Akira is showing off "Pinky and perkey" which was the winning tag suggestion, which was submitted by.... HER!! Congrats Akira!!

"Now punk, You are going to give these lovely ladies back their money.... and I suppose their clothes as well... and you are going to leave my casino. If I ever see you again, I'm going to give you another hole to breathe out of." *swoons* Oh so sexy! 

After all of the excitement, Akira and I decided to accompany the oh so sexy bartender to a private area for some rest... we knew we needed to slip into some comfy clothes, and  the ! ellemeno ! supershort minidresses were just the thing! She has on the RARE mustache version, while I'm wearing "Happy thoughts" My sexy bartender's perfectly pressed suit is the Mesh Double Breasted Suit from  [ hoorenbeek ]

While these super sexy dresses are from Kennedy's, she no longer has a shop for me to link you too. The owner, Kennedy Gearz, had her account hacked, a large amount of real money stolen, and a great many other awful things happen...

Akira is um... "showing off" the Skulls & Hearts version of the dress...

while I have on the RARE leopard!

We finally decided to relax by the rooftoop pool after a long day of slots, blackjack, billiards, booze, and gorgeous men... We both agreed that we needed the FABOO bikinis! She's wearing the RARE black cherries...

and I have on the RARE pink cherries!

What else are we wearing? Here are the ADDITIONAL credits, however, all of the Hello Titty Slots items are listed below the photos!

Style Card:

Hair: Exile - Celebrity skin - Wild Fusion 2
Skin: Essences ~ CHO ~ light rose *natural*
Lipgloss: Pink Acid Subtle Lip Gloss - pink
Hands: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Gesture
Shoes: [Lindsey Warwick] Ibis -Platform Heels- Noir, Pearl,frost, and ruby!
Collar: Pekka - Chain Collar [Silver]

Check out her style card over on HER BLOG!

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