Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows...

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Okay so now that I am back from taking care of my partner, and myself (although the legal bit of that battle isn't over yet...ugh, doctors AND lawyers? I'd rather have a root canal!), I needed something fun to do... so a friend of mine told me about the arcade gatcha event that's going on right now, and I just had to check it out... Now, I LOVE a good sale, but I really have the worst luck, and I hate taking chances... SO the arcade yard sales are the thing for me!!

Just in case you're not sure what I'm talking about, an arcade yard sale, or gatcha yard sale, is where people get together and sell off the extra items they got from the gatcha machines at the arcade event. Sometimes you can get a GREAT deal and find items for even less than the gatcha price, but more often than not the items are at the price for a play at the gatcha, or more if the item is a rare one.

Thankfully, all of the items I wanted from the event were commons, and I managed to get everything I wanted, mostly for the gatcha price, but a few for less. 

So, when I saw that +Half-Deer+ were offering unicorn horns and tails in their gatchas, I just HAD to have some... there were no two ways about it...

I ended up getting the Rainbow sherbet, Berry Lemon, and cupcake in the horns... still looking for the "bad apple" ones!, and the Lotus, poisonberry, and lavender tails. My partner was feeding my awful need for these, and ended up buying me 2 out of the three tails, and a pair of the horns without me asking, or even knowing till he sent them to me! He's just awesome like that :3

Along with all of the excitement of the yard sale searching, I also found out that it was Iki Ikiri of Violent Seduction's rezday! To celebrate, she lowered the price of her sailor tops and bloomers to just $L10 a piece!! I ended up buying 6 tops (a black and white version of 3 different colours) and 3 pairs of bloomers that matched!

Inworld and away from my keyboard, I collect plushies of all shapes and sizes, and SilentSparrow is one of my favourite places to get them! The adorkable rainbow unicorn that I'm snuggling above is a previous $L50 fridays item, as well as the rainbow dragon below...

However, they also had CORGIS at the arcade gatcha event!! I squee-ed so hard when I saw them that my partner thought I was broken! I managed to find my favourite one, waffles, in the flopped position, but am still looking for Flopsie for my partner. These corgis are seriously so freaking adorable that it's just absolutely unbearable.

You won't need to play the gatcha to get the...

Style Card:

~Hair: [Elikatira] - Sound - White 05
~Eyes: FATEeyes
~Skin: [Pink Fuel] - Elly <Sugar> - Pure
~Horn: +Half-Deer+ Sweet Dreams Unicorn [Rainbow Sherbet] - arcade gatcha exclusive
~Tail: +Half-Deer+ Blossom Tail (Lotus) - arcade gatcha exclusive
~Outfit: Violent Seduction - Lavender Sailor top and Bloomers
~Stockings: Dare Designs - la Promesse de L'Amant - stockings - white
~Boots: Kcreations Pony Boot Box
~Plushies: Silentsparrow - (Rainbow) Uni-ee! Mesh Plush Unicorn, (Magic!) Luck Dragon, and Corgi! (Waffles) Flop (waffles is an arcade gatcha exclusive)

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