All you need is love!

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So, today we here in the USA took a great big step in the right direction for marriage equality. Today, our Supreme Court ruled in FAVOR of equality and overturned both prop 8 and DOMA. While this isn't the end of the battle over marriage equality, it is the first step on the road to winning that war!

In celebration of this awesome event, my partner and I got together, I put on as much awesome rainbow as I could find, and we decided to be adorable. While my partner and I are not in a same-sex relationship, here or in SL, we both wholeheartedly support LGBT rights, and to show our support, he decided to be a SHE for a while!

This pose is actually a hunt gift from Atooly! I was so excited to find it! My boots were a limited edition item from EPIC! I hope they're still around to grab!

Fluffy's necklace is actually a freebie on the marketplace from Elysium, mine is a group gift from my very own shop! both are 100% high quality mesh and totally filled with love.

In case you were wondering, my shirt reads "I can't think straight!"

Stand united!

You know what else loves equality? The...

Style Card:

Skyler's outfit:
~Avatar: <UTILIZATOR> - Avatar 2.0 - beta
~Head: <UTILIZATOR> - M3 Mesh Anime Head (1.8.5)
~Hair: Alice Project - Serena - Sparkle princess HUD - Teal with rainbow glitter streaks
~Horn: +Half-Deer+ Sweet Dreams Unicorn [Rainbow Sherbet]
~Bracelets: Mad' - Gay Pride - WristBands
~Necklace: --[Pins & Needles]-- Rainbow Love necklace
~Top: :{Malfean Visions}: Can't Think Straight - Womens
~Skirt: *Epic* Fairy-Kei Punk TuTu
~Boots: *Epic* [LE]-[Neo-Trekker's Foot Gear Rainbow Pack]

Fluffy's outfit:
~Avatar: <UTILIZATOR> - Avatar 2.0 - beta
~Head: <UTILIZATOR> - M3 Mesh Anime Head (1.8.5)
~Hair: [elikatira] Spark - Colour 09
~Bracelets: Mad' - Gay Pride - WristBands
~Necklace: Elysium - Pride necklace - Rainbow *Gift*
~Top: <UTILIZATOR> - Half top - solid
~Skirt: <UTILIZATOR> - Short Skirt (for Avatar 2.0)
~Shoes:  :{Malfean Visions}: Gilded - Onyx

~Pose 1: Atooly - pose 56 - Endless summer hunt gift
~Pose 2: Stakey - Attached
~Pose 3: Stakey - Love you sideways - this does not seem to be available any longer
~Pose 4: AnimAlive -  CrazyFun Couple Walker - hand in hand pose

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