It's a great day to be alive! (A little TL;DR backstory, sorry bout dat)

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So, browsing my facebook feed this morning, facebook did it's daily "hey! here are your memories from today!" thing. Scrolling through the usual silly photos and status updates and I see a post from 3 years ago today about an "itchy rash" all over my body, new medication, and lots of advice from family on how to feel better.... and then it hit me... 3 years ago today... I almost died. 

I went to the doctor with a skin rash that I had never seen anything like before, she diagnosed it as simple allergic reaction hives, gave me a few medications, told me it was okay to scratch, but be careful if my skin gets dry, and use lotion, and sent me home. I take my newly prescribed meds, and a few hours later, I'm feeling worse than ever... my BF comes home from work looking and feeling almost as bad as me... I told him about the doctor's diagnoses, and he goes ahead and takes the same medicine... several hours later we're both incredibly sick, have very high fevers, and are feeling completely awful. Neither of us have insurance (we live in the USA), but he decides it's time to go to the ER anyway. 

They take one look at us and take him back immediately. I sit and wait and am told that they can't tell me anything because I'm "just his girlfriend, not his wife", which sets the precedent for the next awful week that he would have to spend in a special quarantine room with special air, and lots of tests and doctors... The longest week of our lives... I came every single day as soon as visiting hours started (sometimes a little before) and stayed until they told me I absolutely had to leave. Each day I had to go home without him felt wrong... I didn't eat or sleep. I stopped taking the medication that I had been given immediately because, obviously, this was not a simple case of allergies...

Most of the doctors and nurses were extremely rude to me, and kept switching the chair in the room to a smaller and less comfortable one each day (I guess it must have been some kind of joke between them or something?), and repeated that horrible phrase over and over when I asked any questions at all... what was wrong with him, or asked about tests, or really anything... "we can't tell you anything, you're just his girlfriend, not his wife"... I kept up my sweet and kind face hoping it would help, but still... It took them a week to diagnose chicken pox, which, getting chickenpox as an adult is a HUGE deal... On the wonderful day that I could take my lovie home, I told one of his doctors the initial doctor's diagnoses and about the prescribed meds... he turned white, looked almost terrified, and said "well, I'm glad you guys came here, because that could have killed you."

3 years ago we could have died... I'm going to celebrate life today, celebrate the fact that I am alive, and so is the one I love. IRL I'm wearing my favourite dress and looking super cute, I'll be cooking a special dinner later, and spending time in SL doing some fun stuff (and spending more money than I probably should!). I plan on doing a post this week on a couple of my favourite things in SL, some hunts, and anything else fun that I think of to do today! 

Thanks for putting up with my TL;DR abnormal post. I hope that; whoever you are, and wherever you are, that you are well, and that you will take today to celebrate the fact that you're alive, and that you have come so far, and overcome so much in life. If you're going through some tough stuff right now, know that you are not alone. I know you can do it, look how far you've come already.

Lots and lots of love
Skyler Glasswing

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