Moving back?

by - 2:44 PM

So, after a ton of thought and deliberation, and since Blogger came to their senses and rescinded their threats to remove content, I've decided that I'm going to ATTEMPT to "blog back and forth", meaning posting posts both here and on my Wordpress blog. I'm not willing to let either of them die just yet, and since I'm just about to hit the 20K pageview mark here, I think it's time I come back and show blogspot some love.

I'm ALSO going to be blogging my kid stuff on a separate blog, which can be found here:
While I'm migrating all of my new adult posts from there to here (this will definitely take me a couple days..... i think), and my kiddie posts to my new kiddie blog, why not check out my Wordpress blog? (that's where all of the new posts are coming from!) :D

or my flickr:

Oooooorrr my PLURK:

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