Moving day!

by - 12:01 PM

So, due to the new policy change that will be coming into effect on all blogger based blogs in the middle of next month, which forces all blogs that have "adult content" on them to become private (Read more about this [HERE]) I am choosing to switch and migrate all of my content from this blog onto my shiny new wordpress blog, which can be found [HERE]! 
This new policy change is really a punch to the gut to many bloggers, and I know quite a few of us are moving to wordpress. All of my posts, comments, and content up to date have already been migrated over, in order, and all posts from here on out will be found on my new blog here:

I will not be updating this blog at all from today on, so please check out the new blog, and forgive the inconvenience while I get everything re-structured and figured out.
Thank you to all of my readers, viewers, and everyone who has supported me the last 2 years on my blogging journey. I hope you'll do me the honor of following me as I turn this page, and join me on wordpress for new and exciting things.
♥Lots of love,
Skyler Glasswing, The (one and only!) Skyclad Fashionista

TL;DR Version: Moving to wordpress, find me here:

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