Look at me, I'm a kitty cat!

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Look at me, I'm a kitty cat,
I wear a bowl of peanuts for a hat,
and if I eat them all, I will get fat,
blah blah blah
I'm a kitty CAAAAAAAAAT!

This post was partially inspired by my favourite part of my favourite episode of the grim adventures of billy and mandy. That song is just so goofy, it just gets stuck right in your head!

So I recently stumbled onto this super cute Japanese mall, and while I was wandering around, I found that one store, SMC had numerous lucky boards, all containing fatabulous goodies! I managed to snag a few and put together a super cute outfit, but there are plenty more  lucky boards that contain equally cute things!

One lucky board contains these cute red glasses, which have 4 different placement options: Normal, nose, mouth, and chest (which I’m showing here!)

Both my skirt and top are also lucky board prizes! Both come in all 5 standard sizes, and the shirt includes 2 versions: sheer, and the more modest version I have on here

My adorable red flats are one of two pairs of Slink-compatible shoes that can be won in the lucky boards! These can be worn with and without the ruffly socks, and can be worn on normal avi feet as well as your flat slinks!

Style Card:

SkinThe Sugar garden – Luna – Vampy
HairTruth – Mina – Light Brown 02
Eyes – The Sugar garden – Neko Luvers – sapphire
Collar – The Sugar garden – Good kitty collar – Red
Ears, Tail, Paws – The Sugar garden – Neko Cosplay – pink
TopSMC - layered blouse – White – ($L0/Free/Lucky board prize)
Skirt – SMC - pleated mini skirt – pink – ($L0/Free/Lucky board prize)
Glasses – SMC - Glasses – Red – Chest - ($L0/Free/Lucky board prize)
Shoes – SMC - Flat shoes – Red - ($L0/Free/Lucky board prize)
Lip gloss – The Sugar garden – Lip lacquer – Pink ($L0/Group Gift/$L350 to join)

PosesPresence – Just half feline
Feet - Slink

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