Spend your saturday with this sale!

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Okay, so that wasn't my best title, but I hope these fab saturday sale items will help you to forgive that!
I've definitely deviated pretty far from my "normal" look with these, but I really love the way this whole thing came out! Please bear in mind that some of these items are on sale for one day only, and some are LIMITED and only available today, so if you like what you see, GO GET IT RIGHT NOW.

Spend your saturday with this sale!_005
1 Hundred's outfit for the saturday sale is equal parts sexy and sweet, and is perfect for a day at the beach, hanging out, or just about anything! The pack includes pink and violet, and includes enough appliers to cover everybody!

Spend your saturday with this sale!_003
Enertia's Bali top was a MUST-HAVE for me in this round of the saturday sale! There are sizes for maitreya, slink, hourglass, ALL of the belleza bodies, and even a few standard sizes to boot! Gotta love the fringe!

Spend your saturday with this sale!_001
If you are daring enough to bare almost everything, you'll love Bishes sexykini. I grabbed the light pink colour from their saturday sale spot. It includes sizes for TMP, Slink, hourglass, Maitreya, all of the belleza bodies, and all of the standard sizes!!

Spend your saturday with this sale!_002
The sexykini is delightfully skimpy from the front and from the back, but The real star here is the gorgeous hair from LCKY that's currently out for Midnight Madness! You can grab the fatpack of the hair I'm wearing for FREE if you can get there in time! There are only 1500 copies available, so GOGOGOGO!

Spend your saturday with this sale!_004
Cae has an adorable set of butterfly-themed jewelry out for this round of Midnight Madness! It comes with a necklace and earrings, and includes a HUD to change the metal colours! If you're one of the lucky 1500, you can snag this set for free!

Spend your saturday with this sale!_006
And finally, Reign's offer for the Saturday Sale is one you cannot refuse! A FATPACK of the amazing Livi V2 wedges! This comes with a HUD full of reign colours, AND a HUD that matches BLUEBERRY colours as well! You seriously should not pass this up, if you do, you're gonna have a bad time!

Style Card

Skin: AlterEgo - Mochi - Rose - Group Gift!
Head: Catwa - Aisha
Body: Belleza - Freya
Hair: LCKY - Kate - Fatpack! - For Monthly midnight madness!
Eyes: Ikon - Promise Eyes - Fjord
Jewelry: Cae -  Papillon - Collection - For Monthly midnight madness!
Outfit: 1 Hundred - Adorable Shorty Set - Pink & Lilac
Top: Enertia - bali fringe top - Fatpack - Saturday Sale!
Bikini: Bishes Inc - Sexykini - Light Pink - Saturday Sale!
Shoes: Reign - Livi wedges - V2 - Superpack - Saturday Sale!

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