Get some Skull Candy today!

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Today I have some super cute group gifts for you from a new-to-me shop called Skull Candy! They have some super kawaii stuff in their shop as well as NINE group gifts!

My hair, which I think pairs perfectly with this outfit, is from Ploom, and is one of their 2 newest releases! I'm showing it here in one of the colours from the monochromatic pack, but it does come in all of the normal colour packs! My adorable school uniform is one of the 9 gifts available from Skull Candy, it's rigged mesh, comes in all 5 standard sizes, and is a lovely bright sunshine-y shade of yellow! The uniform goes really well with...

The group gift ice cream backpack!

 My lovely baby blues are a third gift from Skull Candy! There are 6 more gifts for you to grab, I could show you all of them, but... what would be the fun in that?

 Style Card:

SkinThe sugar garden – Ulzzang – $L0/Group gift/$L350 to join
HairPloom – Chance – Ploomage - $L250/pack
Eyes – Skull Candy – Gum eyes Blue – $L0/Group gift/Free to join
Outfit – Skull Candy – School uniform skirt / top – $L0/Group gift/ Free to join
Backpack – Skull Candy – Ice cream backpack – $L0/Group gift/Free to join
LashesMon Cheri – Falsies
Hands & Feet by Slink

Sim – Sea Ranch

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