With a cherry on top!

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In the spirit of Valentines day, the wonderful designers of Purple moon creations, lazuri, and wetcat are holding a hunt on their sim! There are 20 cherries hidden (in plain sight!) all over the sim, and they are just chock full of chothing, jewelry, poses, and decor. 

I had such a blast dragging my partner all over the sim looking for those little cherries, and I am just tickled pink about all of the amazing gifts!
There's a little something for just about every occasion in this hunt! The Luisana dress from Purple moon is just perfect for a night out on the town, or even for date night!

The two cute heart seats behind me are hunt gifts from WetCat poses! Each of the 3 (check out the third in the next photo!) has 2 different poses, and are only 1 prim each!

Both of the bags behind me are also hunt gifts!

And topping off each of my outfits is the Regal desire jewelry set in magenta from Lazuri! Each part is a different hunt gift, so you'll have to find multiple cherries to have the full set! ;)

Style Card:

Skin: WOWSkins - Yvonne - Milk - Previous MM gift, now available for $L400 per tone
Hair: Little bones - Sea wolf - Gift pack - $L0/Group gift!
Ears: Mandala - Fantasy elf ears - Long $L777
Dress 1: PurpleMoon creations - Luisana dress - Pink roses - $L0/Hunt gift!
Dress 2: PurpleMoon creations - Margot pencil dress - Black/Pink - $L0/Hunt gift!
Dress 3: PurpleMoon creations - Blair dress - Pink - $L0/Hunt gift!
Dress 4: PurpleMoon creations - Brandy dress - Pink and black - $L0/Hunt gift!
Outfit 1: PurpleMoon creations - Dresha outfit - Floral and pink - $L0/Hunt gift!
Jewelry: Lazuri - Regal desire - Magenta - $L0/Hunt gift!
Bags: Left - PurpleMoon creations - Monogram bag - Pink - $L0/Hunt gift!  Right - PurpleMoon creations - Vintage voyager bag - Pink - $L0/Hunt gift!

All clothing featured in this post can be found as FREE hunt gifts HERE: :: PM :: PurpleMoon Creations - MAIN STORE! Not all hunt gifts are shown!

Check out the decor card in my next post, where I feature all of the furniture and decor items I've used!
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