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So, this post is very loosely based on a character called Chii from the anime Chobits... I actually started out with a look slightly different from what I finished with, but when a friend of mine pointed out that I looked like Chii, I decided to take that and run with it!

I found my adorable "perso ears" in Twee's marketplace shop! The ears are colour change and have 12 different options, although I opted for the Chobits style pink.

My super sexy lingerie is one of Busty Boutique's items for this round of the boobies planet! The "Bacia" set is lovely, and not only includes appliers for lolas tangos, which I'm wearing, but also lush breasts, BBusty magnus uberus, the phat azz, WHICH I also have on, on my "Cute Azz", which is also from Luck Inc... and it also includes appliers for the Sking mesh asses!

I think that of all of the places I take photos for this blog, the forest is definitely my favourite! Make sure to check out this round of the Boobies planet, AND be sure to check out the...

Style Card:
Skin: The sugar garden - Luna - Vampy - previous lucky chair item - no longer available
Hair: Exile - Sparkle And Fade - Wild Fusion 2
Eyes: The sugar garden - awake - ice blue
Ears: Twee - perso ears
Ass: Luck inc. Cute azz
Collar: Red Mint - Posture collar #1
Outfit: Busty Boutique - Bacia - black

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