Walk in the rain...

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Walk in the rain, in the rain, in the rain 
I walk in the rain, in the rain 
Am I right or am I wrong 
and is it here that I belong?

So, in the digital world of Second Life, changing oneself is as easy as simply clicking a mouse... Away from our keyboards we may be stuck in a body that maybe we don't feel suits us... maybe we only feel this way sometimes, or maybe this feeling is with us all the time, but in the digital world... we can be anything we want. 

Some days, I choose to be a fox, some days a human, some days female, and some days male. This is one of the many wonderful freedoms we have in our digital world...one of the things that makes this world so... fantastic.

Sorry for waxing personal, I had something personal to say :) Now on to the fashion...  
Most of the pieces seen in the photos below can be found in the Men Only hunt that is going on right now. The theme is rock and roll, and there is definitely something in it for everyone. The only thing the hunt really lacked was pants! There were a few pairs here and there, but nothing really multi-purpose, so after scouring the marketplace, I FINALLY found a great pair of skinny jeans that not only fit well, but also went with everything, while making my ass look nice!

Here's the "Rock my life" necklace from Etham, the "Music Josh shirt" from M3 and the "Fall out boy kicks" which are from one of my favourite shops, Razorblade Jacket. My awesome jeans were only $L50 on the marketplace. All of the men's clothing from Quade Blackheart's store Sugar Flare are priced at $L50, which makes them really affordable, and are so well done that I will more than likely end up owning a good chunk of his men's collection...

Here's a closeup of the "Rock my life" necklace

I love the "spike bracelet and hand collar" which is a prize from Hysteria Creations. It goes really well with the "Rebel Necklace" from Fusion, and the "Talking Metal" polo from American Bazaar

I love how simple the "Insane Tee" from UnderDogs... It goes with absolutely everything. The simplicity of this shirt really makes the headphones (which are called Listen to the sound) from Never Ever and the "Music is my religion rosary" stand out.

I love v-neck tees, and this one called "bleak" from RnR is just awesome! It comes in three colours in the hunt!

The shirt I'm wearing here is fron Fe Style, and it actually reminded me a lot of a shirt my rl partner has, so naturally I had to show it off. 

The skeleton tank I'm wearing here comes in black and white versions, and is the gift from BeUp!

The mesh vest and shirt from Ducknipple is a little less casual than the other shirts i've shown so far, but could be dressed up or down in a multitude of ways

Just in case it's a bit chilly out, you should grab the "Pigro leather jacket" from Rispetto designs. You could definitely layer this over a tee, something less casual, or wear it alone like I am, and show off those sexy abs.

Speaking of sexy abs... The "Skinny rock pants" from hysteria creations are so hot that you won't even want to bother putting a shirt on.

You know what? Life is short, so dance in the rain in your underwear! Grab these rigged mesh boxers, which are also from Hysteria Creations, and you will have the perfect excuse to do just that.

Okay so, since these are ALL hunt items, instead of including a style card below with slurls and a handy list, I have labeled each of the photos with which hunt gifts they are. I WILL NOT BE POSTING SLURLS because I feel that would be just like cheating, and that is just not fun. Instead, The hunt blog, which has ALL of the SLURLS and the hints can be found ---> HERE <--- Good luck and have fun hunting! 

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