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So, I was hopping all over the grid today looking for this and that, and I stumbled across a shop called "Rubber Bunny". Rubber Bunny offers clothing for normal avis, yabusaka mesh avis (the normal sized ones, not the petites), and implants! Long story short, I found an outfit I loved, but it didn't come with an applier, so I poked the owner and she was awesome enough to make them for me! YAY!

You may have noticed that I'm not human in these photos... While I do enjoy being human sometimes, and tend to blog my human side, I also enjoy being furry! My main furry avi is the DSD fennec that you see in the photos.

You may have ALSO noticed that I only have a tattoo on one arm... previously, this would not have been possible, but thanks to mesh, this is not only possible, but AWESOME! The angel wing necklace is 1/2 of a male/female set from ::Gabriel:: The owner offers this lovely set as a FREEBIE! The necklace comes as a set, and it's transfer so you can give the one you love the other one.

Oh hey, what's that? OH! It's the...

Style Card:

~Avatar: Dark Spot Designs - Fennec Purple - Female
~Hair: Fri.Day - Deena - Startled White
~Tattoo: Vestigium - Chibi Dreams
~Breasts: [Deviant]/Titania's court Lush 1.3
~Outfit: Rubber Bunny - laced mesh boob tube - purple
~Stockings: [Adagio] - Cadence stockings
~Garters: {Etiquette} Delinquency - Charcoal Black - Garters
~Boots: {alterego} mesh stompers - black
~Necklace: ::GB:: Angel heart Necklace (F)
~Collar: (r e d)M i n t~Posture Collar ~ No.01 (Mesh)
~Bracelets: --[Pins & Needles]-- Hard Coded Bracelets
~Crown: AMU - The King's Crown! - HIGHLY MODDED
~Pose: aDORKable Poses: 5 of 25 - advent calendar gift christmas 2012 

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