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Okay so, the Hollywood event has ended, everyone has picked up all of their goodies, but I would still like to show you guys some of my favourite *free!* things from the event.

Let's start at the bottom and work our way up with the absolutely lovely "Damask heels" from :{Malfean Visions}: I can not say enough complimentary things about this store and of the amazing products that Lokii creates, and these heels do not disappoint. 

Okay so, while I'm not usually one for gold tone anything, this jewelry set is just breathtaking. It fits like a dream, is simple but makes a statement, and.... the textures *move* yes, you did read that correctly, the textures move to imitate the gems sparkling! How cool is that? 

So, I normally blog in one skin because I love the versatility of it, but the "Sweetheart" skin from cStar just absolutely grabbed me and practically forced me to buy it, and the lip gloss pack, AND the shape that goes with it... Sweetheart is a limited skin for cStar, and the one I'm wearing is one of only 5 that will be sold. i absolutely adore the pouty lips and soft makeup, and while the shape was a little taller than I normally prefer, being a glamazon on the red carpet was a fantastic change. Overall, this is an absolutely gorgeous skin/shape set, and I highly recommend it.

While there were a ton of absolutely amazing freebies, these are a few of my favourites. Every girl should own a slinky little red dress for... "special occasions" and [Chaos] (not to be confused with the military group by the same name) was more than happy to oblige with their "tank dress", which I absolutely love.

What's that coming down the red carpet? Oh wow! It's the...

Style Card:

~Skin: cStar Limited - College Edition - Sweetheart 3 - Shine (this was number 1 of 5)
~Shape: cStar Limited - Sweetheart Shape (this is not a limited item)
~Hair: *Alice Project* Tyr (from Global domination)
~Eyes: FATEeyes
~Makeup: cStar Limited - Lipgloss 3
~Dress: [Chaos] Tank Dress (I could not find a SLURL for this store)
~Jewelry: [Chop Zuey] - Paparazzi III Set - Red
~Stockings: {Etiquette} Debauchery - Charcoal Black
~Shoes: :{Malfean Visions}: Damask Heels
~Pose: portable pose stand HUD - peppermint blue - no longer available

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