50 shades of sexy - week 1 - cotton candy

by - 8:39 PM

So, I have decided to start off this fashion blog in what I believe is a fantastic fashion... with lace, lingere, and lots of sweetness. Even though I'm coming in late in the game (nearly three weeks late :x ) I decided to take part anyway. So, for the next 50 weeks, or somewhere around there, I shall be doing my best to showcase what I believe to be the best and sexiest lingerie from across the grid!

The theme of week 1 is cotton candy, so I chose bright pink and teal lingere, and a fun coordinating sheet set on my new bed.

Hair like spun sugar, face and body just as sweet... this treat simply melts on your tongue like cotton candy...

Post Wrap-up:
Lingere: *katat0nik* (pink/sky) Striped Lovelace Lingerie
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Jamie Mesh Hair - Crystal pink
Skin: Pink Fuel - elly - sugar
Pose: - this was actually the default pose that is in the bed
Bed: - LAQ Decor ~ Bed Set (Adult Multi Color Pack!)


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