Feelin' a bit pinkish!

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Hey out there you gorgeous people! It's your favourite full-figured fashionista here again to show off more gorgeous goodies from Boobs, Butts, and Beyond! There are a lot of amazing goodies from many many fantastic designers at the event. This event caters to those of us who love our meshy bits, and proceeds go to a great cause (cancer research!). Each designer has several items out for sale, and one or more of those items is set to give a portion (or all) of their sales to this cause. I can’t think of a BETTER reason to get my well-endowed self out and go shopping, can you? Here's the catch though guys, this event ends TONIGHT at midnight, so get your pretty little selves over to the event and shop till the end!

Vixen's classic sheer top, which is $L75 and shak catsuit for $L135 in this great pinky pink are 50% donation items at Boobs, Butts, and Beyond.

P.S! my gorgeous skin is an EXCLUSIVE event item from Morphine and is only available at Penumbra fashion week, so if you love it as much as I do (I can't take it off!) then you need to get your squishy butt over there and grab it! The Nadine skin comes in 5 skintones and 2 makeup options (smoky and natural)

From perch comes this ADORABLE dress and extra adorable matching wedge heels! The heels are Slink compatible, the dress works with the cute Azz (and possibly others), and also includes appliers for lolas tangos and mirage breasts. The dress is $L189, the shoes are $L169, and 50% of all proceeds go to Breast Cancer Action.

Ravnous' donation item is this fab purple outfit! It costs just $L149, and comes with 2 different top options, lolas and phat azz appliers, AND 100% of  sales of this item go to BCA! 

and finally, last but never least, my dress, which comes in 12 colours, and my mani/pedi are from SexZ! The dresses are not donation items, however, the fingernails and toenails, which are sold separately for $L150 each (each meaning all of the nail polish comes in one pack and the toenail polish in another!), are! 50% of all sales from the manis and pedis go to breast cancer research!

Style Card
Skin: Morphine - Nadine - Peach - Natural - Penumbra EXCLUSIVE
Hair: Alice project - Holly - VIP medley - $L0/Midnight mania board prize
Boobs: Lolas - tangos
Butt: Luck inc. - Cute azz
Hands & Feet by Slink
Body piercing: Cute poison - Aperient Piercings
Face piercing: Cute poison - wounded piercings

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Boobies are fun and great, and everybody loves them, but breast cancer is a serious issue, and one close to my heart. A very close friend of mine, one I've known since birth, lost her battle with breast cancer 3 years ago next month. She fought bravely for many many years, and her cancer was in remission 3 times, but it came back and was finally just too aggressive, and too much to handle, and it took over.. so just don't fool around people... women AND men can get it, so... check yourself, or get yourself checked regularly, and be sure to touch your boobies!

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